Thursday, May 24, 2012

Perfect Match[stick]

The perfect pair of jeans—the Matchstick from J. Crew in Authentic Selvage. I love this wash (it would have been even better with a few rips) and the cut is super cute too—especially rolled up with a hot pair of heels. On backorder until August 27...what's up with that J. Crew?

Matchstick jean in Authentic Selvage, $148.00 @

Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday Girl

Still lagging behind in the posts, but we're getting there. Mother's Day happened to coincide with Cami's birthday this year, but after our big party on Saturday night, I was wiped. Our second annual Ladies brunch at the Yacht Club for Mother's Day, and a quick pitstop at the playground was really all I could muster the strength to.

Amazingly, the boat's in the water already, so hopefully we can squeeze in a sail in the next couple weeks if the weather is sticking around. Late spring sails are the best, in the peak of summer, the wind often dies down and it get sweltering hot. Nothing worse than feeling like you are baking, trapped on a boat out at sea.

Have started to make some preliminary plans for summer vacation. Our friends wanted us to come to Croatia to visit them in their house on the coast, but 16 hours of travel time is not something I'm ready to take on with a two year old. I think we have narrowed it down to Nantucket, Martha's Vinyard, Bar Harbor, or Prince Edward's Islands. Recommendations anyone?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not Just Plain Vanilla

Top three picks on my wish list right now. As soon as the sun is starting to peek out for the summer, I go absolutely wild about all shades of white. 

From top: Grace Sandals from Michael Kors [$165.00]; Bike from Brooklyn Cruiser (They are actually built in Brooklyn, NY, and yes, I absolutely have to have one!) [$545.00], Dress from Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein [$165.00].

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's a Very Happy Day

Jeez, despite my very best efforts, it's been over two weeks since my last post. Shameful, I know, but prepping for both my parents' visit and Cami's second birthday party has been taking up all my spare time. Plus, on boarding at my new gig has been exhausing (but amazing!) 

Well, this post has been four days in the making, so the timing is a little off. But anyway, our sweet [and spunky] little girl turned two years old this past weekend—actually on Mother's Day. What better gift could you ask for!? Big family BBQ this past Saturday—marinated meats and all the Sangria you could drink. The only two things you really, really need for an amazing party. And of course, mormor's special Princess cake for the birthday girl to top it all off.

Just about to start packing for two days in St. Louis. Should be super exiting—I have never seen the Gateway Arch!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Salt, Sand & Surf

As I anxiously await summer weather, I can't help myself from doing a little beach shopping. I spotted this most excellent tote from Salt Surf that I have now designated to be my signature beach bag for the 2012 season. The crazy part is that it's only $32.00, which makes it a total bargain! (Any check out their surfboards too—beautiful designs if you are looking to add one to your collection)

I actually love the simple surfboard graphics so much I kind of want to figure out a way to paint it on my walls—especially since I'm hanging up my surfboard too. I'm thinking maybe oversized vinyl stencil behind my desk downstairs, or even painted directly onto the wall if I can figure out a way to keep the lines clean. Creative juices are churning. Always another project to add to the long list.

Session Tote from Salt Surf, $32.00 

I He[art] Stitchtagram

(like this, maybe?)

Stitchtagram. My latest design favorite—hand made pillows created from your Instagram photos. This is like a match made in heaven for a girl with a serious Instagram crush like me. 

I’m going to get busy creating two custom pillows to go with some new curtains...maybe in a fabric like this

Stitchtagram Handmade Pillows, $95.00 (spring sale, $64.00) each


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