Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Still sorting through to photos from Christmas morning. In my eager to get the photos onto the computer, I think I accidentally managed to erase half of the photos from Christmas morning. [Note to self: Please remember to get new external HD for photo back] This could have ended in disaster—for a moment all photos on my computer were missing. Can you imagine my panic?

Anyway, here are a few pics from my phone. Thank god for multiple cameras! Campbell got so many presents, but I think her favorite was the baby doll and stroller. She was pushing that carriage around all night!

Ho Ho Ho!

Still recovering from the long Christmas weekend with the family

Christmas Eve at Alicia's was so much fun. We are so lucky to get to send the holidays with a family as loving and fun as our family. Of course, having Campbell is like the cherry on the top! Being around her just gives everything a whole new meaning.

Beauty from 10 Crosby

2012 Ready-to-Wear from Derek Lam's 10 Crosby Collection. Pure perfection! Seeing that stripe maxi dress and the yellow flowy gown—I'm ready to welcome spring!

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Happy Little Christmas! Only a few hours left of work before heading off to suburbia for our wonderful Arthur Christmas with friends and family.

But, before heading off, I'm making a quick pit stop at Tbsp/Spoon (one of my favorite little cafes here in Manhattan) for lunch with an old friend from Sweden that I haven't seen in almost 10 years. Our paths have coincidentally crossed again--right here in NYC. What are the chances of that?!A little Christmas miracle.

And since it tis' the season of giving and receiving, I thought I would share a list of a few of my [current] favorite things. I have been pretty good this year, so maybe Santa will bring me something nice...

Something like this amazing sparkly dress from Tibi, maybe paired with these beautiful high heel velvet slippers from Cole Haan. Some dreamy cashmere from J Crew...maybe a crazy orange scarf or a cozy grey hoodie. They all look perfect to me. And lastly, a fancy camera to replace all my old stuff. I would love  this one from Sony to capture all our memories with Cami--nice and small and, surprisingly, with much better reviews than the Nikon 1.

That's all for now. Work and lunch is waiting!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Just back at work after a super relaxing weekend--I actually didn't leave the house once! Movies, chocolate, glogg and five loads of laundry to keep me company. After a few hectic weekends, this is just what the doctor ordered. I have had a cold dragging on for almost a month and a half now and I do not want to be sick over the holidays.

Four more days of work until my nice long stay-cation until the new year. I have already made plans for almost every single day, a little bit of house work and tons of fun activities.

In normal fashion, I'm being a complete Last-minute Lucy with my Christmas shopping and I have been running around like a maniac today. Got some really nice stuff for Rich at Fjallraven (I have to support the Swedish economy), Filson and J Crew. I also have few things on order from Denmark, but who knows if they will really get here on time! Of course, I couldn't help popping into Coach when I was in the neighborhood. I haven't been in there for years--a little too much suburban soccer mom for me--but I found this really nice bag. Tempted....but for $798? A little steep to be Coach, I think....

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beauty Obsessions: Saryna Key Shea Oil

Just discovered the most amazing hair product—Pure African Shea Oil (Damage Repair) from Saryna Key.

For the last couple years I have used Moroccan Oil, but the drawback is that if you use too much you hair appears oily and greasy.  But when I went to my hair stylist last week, they put Shea oil in my hair instead, and I have to say, I'm totally in love with it. Super light damage repair (highlights really do a number on your hair) and you are not stuck with flat greasy hair after applying it. It's a little pricy, but it is so worth it. I think so far the best price I have seen is at Ebay, $34.95.

Saryna Key Pure African Shea Oil with Natural Keratin, 34.95 at ebay.com

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Über-cool Mittens

I'm obsessed with my new mittens. My totally crazy insane faux-fur bear mittens.

I found these for just $13.00 at H&M the other day, and I immediately know that I just had to have them!

And they fit my style just perfectly. A pinch of preppy, a pinch of glam and a pinch of quirkiness. Just the style that makes me uniquely me =)

Fa la la la la la la la la!

Gingerbread house made—check
Christmas Cards written—check
Spiced cider with Jameson's Irish Whisky in my mug—check
Sitting back and enjoying the holiday—check

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy St Lucia!

Happy Lucia everyone!

The holiday season wouldn't be complete without out annual Lucia tradition—the Swedish Church's annual St. Lucia Celebration @ Central Park West. Candles and Swedish Christmas carols. Magical.

Friday Night Firsts

Just returned back to work today after a few very busy days off. We were supposed to head into the city last Friday for some Christmas fun, but unfortunately I managed to pass on my head cold to Rich, so neither of us were in the mood to tackle the city with a baby. But that didn't mean the whole day was a bust. Some christmas shopping, a wonderful lunch. and then an evening at the ice skating rink at Woodbury Community Park.

Cami actually did pretty well for her first time—of course, she did struggle with the whole idea of gliding vs walking. She was mainly walking across the ice with her skates on, but after a little bit she got the idea and let me tow her around. I probably had just as much fun as Cami! I got to brush up on my ice skating skills–I did learn how to skate from my dad, after all, and there were no shortcuts just for being a girl =)


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