Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Friday Night Firsts

Just returned back to work today after a few very busy days off. We were supposed to head into the city last Friday for some Christmas fun, but unfortunately I managed to pass on my head cold to Rich, so neither of us were in the mood to tackle the city with a baby. But that didn't mean the whole day was a bust. Some christmas shopping, a wonderful lunch. and then an evening at the ice skating rink at Woodbury Community Park.

Cami actually did pretty well for her first time—of course, she did struggle with the whole idea of gliding vs walking. She was mainly walking across the ice with her skates on, but after a little bit she got the idea and let me tow her around. I probably had just as much fun as Cami! I got to brush up on my ice skating skills–I did learn how to skate from my dad, after all, and there were no shortcuts just for being a girl =)

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