Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dumbest Photo of the Day

I apologize again for my Heidi/Spencer obsession, but this photo is just so stupid! I guess they are both channeling Michael Jackson.

Girly boat shoes from Sperry

I found these cute hybrid girl boat shoes last summer, and then I was too cheap to get them. This year they have added to the color selection. Besides the original brown, they also come in creamy white and 4 other colors. Of course, now I want both brown and white. So much for saving money last summer. Perfect for when we go sailing, and trotting around in the city., &95-$100

Great buy for the Summer

Since I can't stand A/C, even in the peak of summer, I need to carry a sweater around with me. For the warmer weather, I'm absolutely addicted to these featherweight cotton cardigans from J. Crew. Besides the all the luscious colors it comes in, the best part is the price, $59.50. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My hometown

In 25 days we're off to Åhus, Sweden to visit friends and family. Whoo hoo! Haven't been home for almost two years and it's about time for a visit. 

Adorable Jewelry

I think I'm in love...Quatrefoil Key pendant from Tiffany's 18K gold, starting at $1,150 and Skipper Bracelet from Hermes in orange, $280

Too cool for school

Favorite new photo from Sweden–my brother (in this photo a Lance Armstong look-alike) and my niece Ella. Can't wait to see them both in less than 4 weeks. Still wondering what a 2.5 year old likes, in terms of toys. Suggestions?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Everything is finally shaping up

Not quite finished with the backyard, but everything is starting to look a lot better. The slate on the stoop still needs to be grouted, a few more new windows put in, and the seat cushions and throw pillows of course still needs to come out of storage. But over all not bad to be just end of April. A few more weekends and we should be ready for the summer. Now, if I could only get my husband to get me that gazebo that I want...

Friday Night Lights

Friday night was fun night with great tapas at Sala One-Nine and the international premier of the Swedish film "The Swimsuit Issue" at Tribeca Film Festival. The movie was a great, funny story about friends and family. I would highly recommend it. 

I was a little nervous since my husband was going with me and he doesn't speak Swedish. Even with subtitles, funny subtitles and culturally based humor are often missed, but he really enjoyed it too. 

Director Måns Herngren, actor Jonas Inde, the producer and script writer were all there. 

Live from New York with Markus Hankins

Lunch at Markt, beers at Oscar on MacDougal and champagne cocktails at Pastis in Meatpacking made for an amazing Thursday. Touring the city with Swedish GT/Expressen journalist Markus Hankins, who's writing human interest stories about Swedes living in the New York area. He's a super smart and cool guy from Gothenburg in town for the week. I'm very curious to see how the story and pictures turn out, not really used to being in the limelight...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Funny McDonald's Ad from DDB Stockholm

Sala One Nine

I love going out to eat in Manhattan–it's actually one of my favorite things to do. Lately, I have gone back several times to Sala One Nine, and I have never had a bad experience. A great spanish/basque restaurant with fab tapas–especially the braised duck breast with balsamic vinegar, and shallots and the mussels in white wine. To die for! And of course, great sangria. Not too pricey either.

Located on 19th street, between 5th and 6th avenues in the Flatiron District,

Sugar and spice and everything nice!

Studded rocker girl clutch from LF Stores, for store locations.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Latest fashion obsession: Schoolboy blazer

As long as I have searched for the perfect leather jacket (it's been a while), I have been looking for a navy schoolboy blazer. And I think I finally have found the perfect one. Not to long, not too short and perfectly tailored with really cute details (pink and white striped liner...I'm in love)!

First I was hugely disappointed since it was sold out online. Ugh, just me luck! But then again, maybe this was a sign that I should be saving my money right now. 

But today I strolled into J Crew on 5th Avenue and there it was–one single blazer was hanging on the rack. I couldn't believe it when it was my size and it fit perfectly. I immediately persuaded myself that it was kismet! Under a slight case of duress, I did decide to buy it. Even if I really love it, I feel slightly guilty about the purchase. I probably shouldn't be buying it right now. After all, I did get a pair of new shoes and a few things from Uniqlo this weekend. To return or not to return, that is the question...

Keeping highlights blond

During the past year I have gone progressively blonder with my highlights. My natural color is actually an auburn reddish brown, which means that I am struggling with keeping my highlights blond and not brassy red.  My trick has been to use violet shampoo (I think it was actually developed for people with that purple tinted gray hair!) The formula of this type of shampoo usually keeps the red at bay. 

During lunch in the drug store, I spotted this new product "Go Blonder" from John Frieda. I'm going to give it a shot and see if this works. I will continue to use the L'anza Trauma Treatment conditioner as well (this product cures any damaged hair). I'll keep you posted.

New Spring shoes

These silver flats ended up on my list of purchases from Saturday. Super comfy and really cute. Of course from Nine West, my shoes go-to place [$79.00].

Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's just agree to disagree

I know that people are going to get really upset about me saying this, but I can not believe all the criticism Miss California has received since her statement at the Miss USA pageant on Saturday. Actually, the public response to Miss California's remarks has made me really angry. 

First of all, a question so emotionally and politically charged should have never been introduced at the pageant. This question brings up answers that are closely tied to your belief system and should not be mocked or ridiculed on television.  This is not the time nor the place for this type of discussion. The issue of the gays' right to marry is one that splits this country in two, and neither of the sides will probably ever agree. The fact that the judges were only prepared to hear one answer as the "right" one is quite disturbing to me. 

Whether you agree with Miss California's opinions or not, in a republic such as this, we exercise freedom of speech and freedom of thought. These are among the fundamental beliefs in our constitution and we should be prepared to defend them. This country was founded on pillars of freedom–pillars that ensured that we are all allowed to express our opinions without the risk of being persecuted. 

On certain questions we may just have to agree to respectfully disagree. In my opinion, she should be applauded for being brave enough to stand up for what she think is right instead of just saying what the judges wanted to hear.

Congratulations Laurie!

Despite the fact that I absolutely hate bridal and baby showers, yesterday's shower for Laurie was actually completely fun. Open bar didn't hurt either. 

I'm so happy for Laurie and Heskell and I'm counting down the days until the big day. I know few people that seem so crazy in love. 

I think this will be the last wedding for the group, unless Craig decides to break up with bachelorhood. You never know...

Saturday and The City

Had such a wonderful weekend. Being off on Fridays really help in making the weekends feel really long and productive. The new set up with a condensed work week has so far worked to my advantage (granted a little less money in my pockets, but it's well worth it)–and I can't wait for the summer to kick in so I can spend Fridays at the beach. 

Friday was "yard-work day". Ugh...I do like some gardening, but the early spring clean up stinks. Having a house is hard work, always something that needs to be fixed.

Anyway, doing house work on Friday meant that Saturday was fun-day. Had such a great time. Burgers at the Shake Shack, shopping at Uniqlo and afternoon champagne at Balthazar's. Nothing beats it. Of course, soho was madness with all tourists standing around. It drives me insane that they just stand there in the middle of the side walk blocking the way. Ugh! I'm trying to not be a grumpy New Yorker. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Magic Tailor for Hemming Jeans

I may have found the best tailor in Manhattan for shortening jean hems. 

We all remember our moms's hemming jobs when we were kids–a simple fold and stitch. Of course the perfectly distressed bottom edge of the pants would be forever gone. 

I had the same dilemma with my latest pair. The inseam was really, really long–and I'm pretty tall (5' 8"), so I don't know whom they were made for. I'm guessing giants. 

Anyway, my friend told me about this place on 61st street right off Lexington. Kind of dingy looking little hole-in-the-wall. But it's right by the 59th street subway stop, so very convenient. The tailor will actually take of the distressed hem and put it back on once the jeans are shortened. You won't be able to tell, I promise. Cost $20. Well worth it for a pair of perfect jeans.

The 411:
H Lowry (Cleaners and Tailors)
141 E 61st Street, off Lexington

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Seven Jeans

My new jeans finally arrived today and I'm already in love with with them. They are California vintage from 7 for All Mankind. Unfortunately a little too distressed to be worn at work, otherwise I would live in them day and night. So soft and comfy.

One more...

While we are on the topic of TV shows, one more recommendation. Psych, the comedy show about Sean and Gus and their fake psychic detective agency. Love it! 

Go to for listings.

Whatever, Martha!

One of my new favorite shows! It's hilarious and actually makes me laugh out loud. Highly recommended. The dynamics between Jennifer and Alexis are dead on. 

Currently on the Fine Living Network, check for listings.

Fashionable Hollywood Hotties

Drew Barrymore looking spectacular in a daring diagonal zebra print dress (I wish it was 2 inches shorter, though) and hot red heels. 

And Zoe Saldana in a simple grey dress and black heels–fabulously simple and adorable. 

Hot in a plastic bag

Heidi Klum was spotted this weekend out with the family in SoHo. Although she is not wearing the best outfit, this lady would look hot in a plastic bag. (Little Leni is not wearing the coolest outfit either...)

Super cute studded leather bag

Adorable and cheap. Studded natural colored leather hobo from Nine West. Sticker price $199, but is on sale in stores for $79.90. It's a bargain for a genuine leather bag.

Mara Hoffman Sample Sale

For fans of hers out there.

What: Mara Hoffman Sample Sale

Why: Resort, spring, and swim ’09. Tops and bathing suits start at

$15; dresses start at $50.

When: Apr. 23-25. Thurs. & Fri., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Where: 120 W. 28th St., b/t Sixth & Seventh Aves., 3rd flr. (212-505-3020).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Skinny

Scarlett Johansson's blog rant about tabloids pressuring stars to be skinny is so ridiculous. 

Maybe it's your agents, your co-stars, casting directors and all the other Hollywood superficial people in Hollywood that is putting the pressure on you? And are we supposed to feel sorry for you for being forced to go to the gym so you can make millions and millions of dollars. Buh huh. Get over yourself.

You all can judge for yourselves:

Cute peep-toe flats from Nine West

Although I have a weakness for high heels, walking in Manhattan requires comfy shoes. So cute flats are essential especially for the summer.  I found these adorable peep-toes on sale at Nine West for 39.99 [].

Pam Anderson

If this girl wasn't so busy looking trashy, you would notice that she is actually quite pretty. Here photographed after a make over on a TV show (immediately after the show, she of course reverted back to her usual look).

Why does these two annoy me so much?

I know I sometimes go on an don about them, and I have no idea why Heidi and Spencer just irritate me. They are so cheesy that I don't even know how they can be famous. I actually almost get embarrassed for them just looking at the photographs they are posing for. I mean, when is someone going to tell them how ridiculous they are?!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Good friends and Good food

Back in the office and I'm relaxing of a few minutes listening to Lucky by Jason Mraz–my new favorite song. 

Quick weekend update: Had such a great Easter this year. Since my sister-in-law, Debbie, is usually forced to host almost every singe holiday, we decided to step up to the plate this year. The house is in pretty good shape and we finally felt that it was ok to have people stop over.

I had  no idea how much work it is to host brunch! I spent all of Saturday cooking...quiches, marinated shrimp, the famous asparagus soup, cup cakes, the list goes on. It was all worth it though. We had such a great time eating, drinking (the Champagne 95s kicked ass!), laughing, easter egg hunting and a few good games of speedbird. 

Few pics posted above, top to bottom: 1. food preparation; 2. cupcakes; 3. easter egg hunt in the back yard (wow, everyone looks a little sullen in this pic, but I promise we had fun); 4. the in-laws; and l5. ittle John and big John sharing a cup cake. 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

Leaving for the long weekend and I'll probably won't have an opportunity to update the blog over the weekend. Lot's of cleaning and cooking before the family comes over for Easter Sunday. Have a great easter everybody.


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