Friday, December 31, 2010

To New Beginnings

Happy New Year my sweet friends! To a new year and new beginnings. I have so many wishes for the new year, but my top one is to let everyone be themselves. Love yourself for who you are, and who you want, and strive to be.

I wish you all a very happy new year. I wish you love, happiness and prosperity wherever you are and whomever you are.

There is only love my friend, there is only love.

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The Game's Afoot!

I think this is what we settled on for tonight =)

Jacket, Armani Exchange; Sequin skirt, Victoria's Secret; Tank and Necklace, Banana Republic. With some nice black tights and my black suede 4 inch platform pumps, I'm all set.

Homemade latte in hand, a sleeping baby in the crib, apple crisp baked, nails done, and the water running for a bubble bath. Let's get this party started!

Mixology: French 75

I think this will be tonight's drink—a French 75 Champagne cocktail.

2 oz. cold gin
1-2 sugar cubes (or 2 tsp. of sugar)
1 oz. lemon juice
Fill up with dry Champagne

Put lemon juice and gin in a shaker with ice. Put a sugar cube in a champagne flute and pour the lemon /gin mix into the flute. Top off with Champagne. Delicious!

Campbell and I are sitting planning our outfits for tonight. We'll be back with a posting of our picks!

Happy Almost New Year!

What's everyone up to tonight? Here in New York it's a balmy 38F—I think that's the warmest New Years I can remember. We are heading over to some friends house for a babies-welcome-dinner-party.

Wow, in this past year our lives have truly taken a 180 degree turn. Instead of big parties we are now doing intimate dinners with the babies—and I actually love it. I otherwise hate New Years (too much pressure to have fun), so the more low-key the better.

Was just looking at some photos from New Years of 2000. Rich and I were newly engaged and spent the millennium at a huge party in Sweden. For once, New Years was actually a blast! But I still can't believe it was 10 years ago! 2011 will be our tenth wedding anniversary—I think we'll do something really special to celebrate this one!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Sales Bargain Hunter

Sometimes it pays off to stick it out in the mall during the after Christmas sales! Yesterday I managed to spend less than fifty bucks for all these things. (A thin down vest for $12.70 at GAP, two tanks for $7.00 each and a black turtleneck for $13.50 and a paper bag skirt for $6.90 at Banana Republic.) I don't think I have ever spent that little for all those things!

Getting Organized

I'm having a total Carrie Bradshaw day today. Sex and the City playing on the DVR and closet organization on the agenda—perfect for a girls day in. I just bought this awesome app called "Closet", where I can organize all my clothes, shoes and bags. My one and only new years resolution is to get more organized. I think this will save so much time, and money too for that matter. I'll know what I have and where it is.

What I love about this app is that you can create outfits ahead of time and slot them into a calendar (this way you can keep track of what you wore when, too). You can also keep track of everything you have, your favorites AND make packing lists for vacations.

I just managed to finish taking photos of all my skirts—documenting all my clothes is going to be a multi-day project. At least I got started, right?!

iTunes have tons of different apps serving the same purpose. I got the one called Closet for $0.99.

Juicy Heels from Nine West

Dark orange satin peep-toe heels from Nine West. Just that little pop of color I always crave.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BCBG Power Skirt

Spotted this skirt from BCBG when I was out shopping today. I wanted to get it so badly, but then again, spring is still pretty far away. But you have to admit, those stripes with the coral trim is absolutely delish.

I think this skirt may have to be revisited in a month or so. If it's still there, maybe it was meant to be...

Bikini Crazy

Just went swimsuit crazy and, on a whim, got these four bikinis at Victoria's Secret. (Thank god I usually work, cause being off is dangerous for the wallet. I would be broke after a week!) They are having this amazing sale—plus an additional 20% off and free shipping. I couldn't believe my luck—$100 for all four! Of course, I still have to try them on of course (knowing VS, everything doesn't always fit perfectly), but even if just two look great on, that's a pretty good deal.

Now I just need a little fun in the sun!

Snow Bunnies

Last batch of photos from our Christmas weekend. The big dig out—but shoveling burns calories, right?

Rich's back at work, so for the rest of this week it's just the two of us. I think we are due for some post-Christmas shopping and a lunch date...

Ciao bella.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Almost White Christmas

We couldn't believe our luck when snowflakes started to fall on Sunday afternoon. I had been wishing for a white Christmas, but a snowstorm the day after is almost as good. We got almost 20 inches of fluffy white powder!

I just love being snowed in—I don't think there is anything cozier! We got all bundled up and headed out for a snowy walk. ...we were super anxious to try the new sled we got for the baby. Too bad we weren't stuck in a chalet in St. Mortiz!

(We didn't realize that there also was a sever wind advisory. Needless to say, Campbell was not a happy camper. At least we managed to snap some shots before it became too unbearable.)

A Spectacular Christmas Morning

So here are finally the pictures from Christmas morning. Lots of gifts (Mommy spied a big orange box with brown ribbon with her name under the tree!) and several of cups of hot coco with whipped cream—how can you not love that!

Another sweet Christmas gift, Campbell got her first tooth on Christmas morning! We couldn't stop singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth". I can't believe what a big girl she is now. I'm still trying to capture that little speck of rice in her mouth on camera, but she keeps on eluding me.

A 15 Photo Hipstamatic Christmas


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