Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playtime Calling Cards

Wouldn't these personalized circular calling cards from Posh Girl be perfect at the park setting up play dates? And I think it's so cute that it says "Mommy to Wendy". (Once you have kids, you are no longer known by your name to their friends—but being called Campbell's mommy is just perfectly fine with me.) They come in a set of fifty and comes with a clear top round tin. This would be perfect to toss into my purse (I may just get some for my friends too!) And of course, you can pick the card stock color and font yourself.

Heidi Retro Owl and Tree Customizable Calling Cards, 50 Cards for $18.00 @

Photos curtesy of Posh Girl Boutique

Lovely: Etro Color Block Silk Dress

Lovely dress from the 2011 RTW Collection from Etro. I would have never thought of it, but combining caramel and two shades of blue is genius.

Etro Color Block Silk Dress, $925 @

Copenhagen Summer Weekend

Birthday weekend in Copenhagen finally booked (thank you mommy!) Got a super cute junior suite at Axel Hotel Guldsmeden in the heart of city. It's so beautiful, plus it's eco friendly—they got the 2010 Award from Green Globe. I'm already dreaming about it—I haven't been on a vacation in ages!

Still contemplating if we should make appointments at the spa, or just take advantage of the time we have touring around. I'm thinking skipping it is the way to go (however, I could probably use a massage after a long day shopping.)

Alex Hotel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen

Pretty Little Things: MyShells Ring

I know I have mentioned my friend's jewelry design shop MyShells on Etsy before, but I finally got myself one of the rings she made. Everywhere I go, people go absolutely bonkers over it! I love that they are all handmade and truly one of a kind—you can't make it more unique than that.

MyShells @ Etsy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dinner Shortcuts

There's nothing wrong with getting some help putting dinner on the table right?! Lunch pitstop for dinner food shopping at Eataly today—that store is just a joy to my eyes! Everything is displayed so beautifully—it really feels like you're at a food market in Europe.

For tonight: Fresh pasta, Vodka Sauce (my favorite) and crusty Italian bread. Maybe even a little Prosecco if we're lucky =)

Outdoor Spaces

Spotted this outdoor rug in the CB2 catalogue last night. Isn't it amazing?! All my favorite colors—I'm just crazy about bright colors in the summer. It's called Casbah (which immediately made me burst into The Clash's Rock the Casbah last night!) I would love to have to have two of these spread out over my patio this summer. And maybe some pillows in orange, red and purple and some cool perforated tin lanterns? It will be our own special Moroccan retreat!

Casbah Outdoor Rug, $79.95 @ 

Have been a super busy bee every weekend for the past two months. It better start getting little warmer soon, so we can get some more of the winter messes cleaned up in the backyard. I'm really hoping to have Campbell's first birthday party in the backyard—we have really nowhere to put all the people inside our little house! We just have to get everything ready for May 13! (I can't believe her first birthday will be on Friday the 13th)

This past weekend's projects included refurbishing the old teak lounges. These have been put on the curb at least five times this year, and then I have changed my mind and brought them back in. Good thing because we just painted them this cool slate grey and the look amazing. I'm thinking together with the rugs, they will look really nice!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joie de Vivre

Forgotten monthly train ticket. Missed express train. Achey feet. Growling tummy.
Life has been slightly chaotic lately (and I've been more forgetful than usual). Hopefully soon, some of the puzzle pieces will fall into place.
Looking to make a few pretty big changes (more to come on this once it becomes official), but right now everything is just a little crazy. It's so hard to have time for everything and do it well.
Juggling being a mom and wife, with a fulfilling and challenging career is not easy. Going to work when you have a beautiful baby at home can be a little guilt ridden, but it's good to have some time away from the house. I think I would go stir-crazy if I was home all day long—an idle mind is the devil's playground (or so they say!)
On the bright side, I think we've found a hotel in Copenhagen that we both love. I'm super picky and its peak season for overnighting in Copenhagen, so tons of places are of course fully booked already. Typical me, last minute as usual! Well, where ever we end up staying, I think a romantic dinner on the dock in Nyhavn and a late night walk at Tivoli will be in order.
That's all for tonight folks!

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New Favorite Things:

This iPhone app is my latest addiction. lets you take and share photos with your friends as you go—and just like Hipstamatic, it lets you make them into funky polaroid pictures! You can invite your friends to follow your feed and/or share through Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and tons of other places. Plus it automatically saves the photo on your phone so you can upload them to your blog (Note to developers: Please make this app Blogger compatible asap!)

The app is free (thank you very much!), and it's faster than Hipstamatic—who has time to wait for the 20 sec development!  And you can select filers after you have taken a photo instead of before so you can play around with your photos. Love all around.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Silky Short Shorts

I have been infected with the Spring bug! I'm already shopping for shorts, even if the temperature outside was a freezing 29 F this morning. I found these amazing fold-over shorts from Banana Republic's Monogram Collection. A pair of these in black, a crisp white button up shirt and a pair of sassy heels and you would be all set to go!

BR Monogram Foldover Shorts, $69.50 @

Sinful Colors: Fly Away

Spring always gets me in the mood for crazy nail polish colors. Just had a little home mani last night with this new color aqua blue "Fly Away" from Sinful Colors (only $1.99 at drugstores).

I'm always so bad in keeping my mani nice (I often mess it up as soon as I leave the salon!), so I'm trying to do at least every other time at home. It took some practice to get that right hand perfect, but I'm actually getting to be quite good!

I (Heart) DVF

These platform heels are just making me go ga-ga right now.

Irene Runway Shoe in Camel, $335 @

It's Friday, Friday, Friday

What a crazy day! I haven't had a second to take a quick break or even run out for lunch for that matter.

Finally sitting on the train home and listening to Blå vägen hem (The blue road home) by Swedish 80s band Wilmer X. My goodness does that bring back old memories or what!?

Finally got around to booking our tickets to Sweden for the summer—two full weeks in June. To make everything even better, Campbell gets to spend her first midsummer in Sweden! Pretty sweet. Now we just have to book a hotel for my birthday weekend in Copenhagen too. Debating if we should stay in Nyhavn or more central by Tivoli. Growing up in the southern tip of Sweden, this city is like my second home, or should I say third home, after NYC and Sweden of course!

Well, it's time to get off the train and start celebrate the weekend. White wine and homemade shrimp scampi for dinner. Delish!

Life's good.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The New Kitchen Aid(e)

Mom's little helper already. Apparently I'm doing a bad job organizing the cabinets, and this little one needs to intervene!

(And those saggy pants makes me laugh every time!)

We Built This City

I'm a New Yorker and I love this city—even on days when it snows.

2011 Spring Look Book: ZARA

Made a quick lunchtime pitstop at Zara's today.

I just love the look of all their spring styles (hello, that hot pink tuxedo jacket is to die for!), but I find their whole fit/sizing structure a little off. I always end up bringing in at least three sizes of each item before I can find something that fit somewhat decently! Too short, too tight, too loose. I don't know, but I just never can get it to look just right! (I bet all these models have a hundred pins in the clothes to make them look this good.)

I actually ended up leaving empty handed. Maybe I'm just starting to be really picky—but today my wallet is thanking me =)

Here's Zara's full 2011 Spring Collection

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tory Burch Japan Relief T-shirt

Another great opportunity to give a helping hand to our friends in Japan. Tory Burch special edition t-shirt—100% of the proceeds goes to assisting the relief work currently going on in Japan. Have a heart and please help.

Tory Burch Japan Relief T-shirt, $29.00 @


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