Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Saturday night and we're being lazy on the couch having a cold Blue Moon. Having a late dinner—some super delish marinated Rosemary chicken sizzling on the BBQ.

Cami is running showing off her walking skills on her new walker—wouldn't it be amazing if she walked by her first birthday! We have two more weeks to nail it...I'm sensing some more practicing tomorrow.

Tons of stuff to get done in the next two weeks. But I guess that's life for a perfectionist—fixing things that nobody notices anyway =)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Summer Bargains: Old Navy

Stopped by Old Navy this weekend, and although I don't get a many things there (the fit is often a little wonky), I found these two great basic pieces for summer. A super useful linen blend short-sleeve sweater and a pair of cute little shorts (also linen). And I absolutely love this muddy grey as a perfect neutral for the summer—it goes with everything—colors, textures and patterns. Love, love, love.

And with these prices who cares if you throw it on over your wet, salt-water-soaked bathing suit...

Fab Find: Nichole Miller Lace Tunic

Best bargain find of this week. This amazing lace tunic from nicole from Nichole Miller is just $39.99! Sweet dress AND a sweet price. This small addition to the closet should be [somewhat] guilt free. I did just land a new job after all...


First day at my new job today, and oh boy is my head is spinning around! So much to remember—in a totally good way. I'm so excited to take on some new challenges and learn new stuff.

On my way home to my two sweetie pies. Mexican food and chilling out on the sofa feels super appealing at the moment.

Quick photo from Saturday—Campbell's first time standing unsupported! Thank god for camera phones—always close at hand for those photo ops.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Sunday!

Despite the promise of rain (we never bothered cleaning up the yard for Easter), it ended up being such an amazing day yesterday. Good food, good drinks and great friends and family—all you can wish for for Cami's first Easter. Plus she got to spend it with her friend Mimi! (They kept on stealing each other's toys).

To make the weekend even better, our little bunny stood up unsupported for the first time ever! I can't believe she is getting so big—it's just three more weeks until her first birthday. Yikes! Now when the Easter festivities are over, there will be some serious party planning going on. Hopefully out new party tent will arrive this week—protecting from rain and shine cause this party will happen no matter what!

Napping baby, so a little housework is on the schedule right now. Will be back later.  Hasta Luego!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just said my final good byes to my friends and my little office. Time to start a new chapter in my career. Having five wonderful days off before I start my new job.

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Location:New York, NY

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Final Countdown

So I can finally make it official!  So excited to start my new job at an amazing digital agency next week. So just two more days in the office until I say good bye forever and move on to greener pastures. I have been skipping around on cloud nine for the past 10 days!

Have spent the last week and a half packing up my office and going through my hard drive—hence no very many updates to the blog. I had so much personal junk on my work computer, it has taken days to delete all my photos, e-mails and music. I have a new rule for my new job—no personal items at work! It makes it way to easy to continue to stick around when you should really move on to a new job.

Taking Monday and Tuesday off next week and then Wednesday will be my first day. And the agency are moving offices this weekend, so I'll be starting in the brand new renovated offices right on 19th St and 5th Ave. What an amazing location!

On the docket for tomorrow, lunch in Soho with my love—maybe we'll head back to Lucky Strike.  Well, time to say nite nite—have to get some rest for tomorrow. Sweet dreams everyone.

The Sweetest Thing: Phonekerchief

This is so cute—a signal blocking handkerchief to wrap up your phone in when you go out for dinner. What an amazing gesture if your dinner company would use this!

Phonekerchief, $15.00 @

Monday, April 18, 2011

Feeling Mellow Yellow

My little domestic project this past weekend. Basic wooden step stool from IKEA and a can of high-gloss sunny yellow enamel. Voilà! The sweetest looking kitchen stool ever! It's one of the colors I'm totally obsessed with at the moment. I want everything orange, purple, hot pink or bright yellow at the moment. Not all over and all together of course, but some accent walls, pillows and accessories. (Yeah, I still have those outdoor rugs from CB2 like a bee in my bonnet)

The Sweet Tooth Fairy

Stopped by Sockerbit, the Swedish candy store in Manhattan, today and I ended up being a little disappointed. Apparently US regulations prohibits some of the natural dyes that are used in a lot of Swedish candy, so the stuff can't be sold stateside. Doesn't that sound so backward? Artificial dyes are allowed but not natural? Makes no sense to me! Well, it seems to really affect the assortment of candies available—especially salty swedish licorice. I hope they will make the Candy a little cheaper too—I got two small bags and a box of Läkerol and it cost me $18. A little pricey to make it a habit,  but oh so yummy!

But, I still got to stock up one a little for our Easter paper maché eggs—we got two of them a few years ago in a little neighborhood shop (now can get them from Williams and Sonoma and a bunch of other places too). They just makes me think of home so much.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pretty Little Things: Lace

I'm still frantically looking for a perfect white lace dress for the summer. Not too long, not to short, just lacy enough to be delicate without being too boho or cheesy. So many requirements! I found this Nanette Lepore dress that is pretty close to perfect—I kinda like that little tassel fringe on the bottom. What do you guys think?

Nanette Lepore Cap Sleeve Lace dress, $328 at

Hello, Good Morning!

Good morning my sweet friends. I know it's been a little sporadic between the updates the last week—time has been flying by and I don't know where it went. Have been spending days trying to clean up my email inbox. My dirty little secret—I had 15,000 unfiled emails. I know, very bad! I'm usually super duper organized but when it comes to email, I guess I'm just a big mess.

So far a perfect beginning to the day. Happy baby, no school busses on the road, arriving early to the station, coffee in hand—and a two seater together. Plus, the train conductor greeted us with "Good morning passengers. Welcome abroad the 7:36 to New York with Penn station as our final destination." What a greeting for the morning express commuter train! It made me feel like I was on a 747 on my way to Europe. What a lovely way of start the day! It amazing, all the little things that affect your mood.

Looking forward to another lunch with a friend today—I've been lunchin' almost everyday for the past 3 weeks. Yikes! High time to save a little money.

So long. Will be back later.

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Monday, April 11, 2011


What a day! 76 F (that's 24 C for all you Europhiles) and blazing sun. I think I can officially call it spring now. (Above some photographic evidence from Manhattan today.) Hallelujah! Perfect day to start a new chapter in my life. Big and exciting changes are coming and in another two weeks it will all begin.

Have to do some more birthday party and Easter planning tonight. Between those two parties, organizing passport application and photos for Campbell, and a new career adventure for mommy—we are going to be crazy busy for the next few weeks! But all in a good way.

Really looking forward to two nice long weeks of vacation in June—just perfect to kick-start the summer. This weather gets me in the summer mood big time. Trying to be early birds this year and book a few weekends at the beaches already—what's better than a beach escape on a hot summer weekend! I can't wait to discover the beach and water with our little beach bunny.

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Breakfast at Tiffany's

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ciao Bella!

Hello, hello friends. Thursday night already and it's been such a crazy busy day. Stayed an extra hour in bed this morning—I did have vacation after all—but since than, I've been running from one appointment to another. I haven't had a second to even sit down and take a breather!

Well, now it's past 11 pm, and I'm finally all curled up in bed with a hot cup of tea, a sleeping baby, laptop and a pair of rally warm comfy PJ.  Plus The First 48 is on A&E! I am totally hooked on all these cop reality shows. I think if I didn't work in advertising, I would have been an agent at the  FBI or CIA or something like that. Who wouldn't love to be a James Bond or Sidney Bristow!

Almost time to shut the lights off and drift off to sleep. One more day to work and then weekend! Whoo hoo! have to start planning Cami's first birthday bash this weekend—believe it or not, but this little lady is turning 1 in just six weeks!


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