Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ciao Bella!

Hello, hello friends. Thursday night already and it's been such a crazy busy day. Stayed an extra hour in bed this morning—I did have vacation after all—but since than, I've been running from one appointment to another. I haven't had a second to even sit down and take a breather!

Well, now it's past 11 pm, and I'm finally all curled up in bed with a hot cup of tea, a sleeping baby, laptop and a pair of rally warm comfy PJ.  Plus The First 48 is on A&E! I am totally hooked on all these cop reality shows. I think if I didn't work in advertising, I would have been an agent at the  FBI or CIA or something like that. Who wouldn't love to be a James Bond or Sidney Bristow!

Almost time to shut the lights off and drift off to sleep. One more day to work and then weekend! Whoo hoo! have to start planning Cami's first birthday bash this weekend—believe it or not, but this little lady is turning 1 in just six weeks!

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