Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer Wants

Found this rugby-stripe henley from Ella Moss that I am totally in love with—I actually want both colors! But, I made a promise to myself to not get any more clothes until our baby is here. Hopefully they will still have it by the time I'm ready for a shopping trip.

Ella Moss Rugby-stripe Henley Top, $88.00

Comes in lime/navy and white/navy

Sunshine and Blue Skies

I obviously have no discipline. Already Friday and I haven't made one single entry in the blog since Monday. Working from home makes the days fly by. Have been super busy at work—everyone is trying to get everything they need from me before I do the final check out.

Anyway, today it's finally tapering off. I'm actually sitting in on the lounge in the back year doing work having a yummy salad—this is how it should be every day (if the neighbor's annoying whimpering dog could just be quiet, everything would be perfect).

Have had this strange urge the past two week to get the whole house cleaned up. I'm vacuuming, polishing and cleaning up as soon as I have a spare moment. That list of to dos is just getting longer and longer—everytime I check one thing off, I add three new ones. In this pace we'll never be ready. LOL.

37 weeks today. I guess anyday could be the big day now....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cravings: The Calendar Necklace

I love this funky calendar necklace—it feels so Carrie Bradshaw! Can't wait to get one with our baby girls birthday marked, but you can get it for any special occasion. A little pricey in Gold (rose, yellow or white) $375-400, but there is a cheaper option in sterling silver for $150.

Summer Must-Have: Chambray Romper

Found a really cute chambray romper from Seven for All Mankind last summer, but the price tag of over $150 felt a little steep for my budget. Running some errands this weekend, I found this really cute one at Target of all places—and it was under $20.00! Perfect color and fit—plus it's really soft.

It's the Final Countdown

First day working from home today and I have been busier than ever. Who knew it would get this crazy wrapping up before the maternity leave. Friday and today has been insane—so much for relaxing at home! Unfortunately the blog had to suffer these two days, but it should be getting better after today. I promise.

Packed my hospital bag last night and although it's not quite complete yet, I'm at least half way there. It's really down to the final countdown now. Only 25 more days if she arrives on time...but technically she could come any day now. I'm trying my best to stay in bed to not have her come too early.

Tonight, we have to come up with our contingency plan—just in case Rich is at work when I go into labor. It will probably take him at least an hour and a half to get back to the island!

Sample Sale Bargains

Thought I needed a little thin-spiration for the summer and did some post-pregnancy summer shopping. Managed to score a dress from ABS by Allen Schwartz and some cute underwear/sleepwear from Honey Dew for almost nothing. Can't wait to wear this dress this summer! Kind of a weird pattern and color combo, but I loved it. Will look great with a belt and platform sandals in natural leather.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

35 Weeks and 6 days

I'm getting huge! Just stick a fork in me now—35 weeks 6 days. 4 more weeks to go.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shoe Bling from Aldo

I remember my grandma having these things I used to love—little sparkly shoe clips to sass up a pair of plain shoes.

But I guess they are back in style, cause I just found them at Aldo's today. I got a pair of ribbon bows, but they also had these really cute rhinestone medallions that I really wanted.

Best Buy: Aerie Scalloped Eyelet Tank

This cami is so cute and super cheap too. Available in three colors, hot pink, grayish black and white.

Cutest Stationery Shop: Tiny Prints

Found this online stationery shop that I absolutely love. They have the most amazing invitations, baby announcements, moving cards, holiday cards—anything you can imagine! And you get to personalize it too.

And if you are really lazy or strapped for time, you can even have them mail it out for you (I wouldn't recommend that though, it would be simply poor etiquette to not have a hand written note to go along with it.)

Just ordered a bunch of Thank You cards for my baby shower and it was so hard to choose—every single card is really cute. Above is the final choice.

Obsession: Juicy Couture Motorcycle Jacket

Pretty perfect. Feminine leather jacket in soft lambskin from Juicy Couture.

More Nicole Miller.

I never thought this day would come, but I'm actually finding it difficult to get in to a shopping mood lately (I guess the bump under my shirt has something to do with it). Even window shopping doesn't have the same allure as it used to—hopefully it will all get back to normal this summer.

Still love dresses though. Here's some more Nicole Miller prettiness.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nicole Miller Silk Tie Back Dress

I'm totally in love with this dress from Nicole Miller. Perfect post pregnancy.

Anyone know where they have more sizes available?

Catching Up

Tons of work to catch up on. I have so much work to finish up before Friday. But thank god I only have three days left—this pregnancy is starting to wear me down. Between feeling nauseous, heartburn and swollen feet, I am just about ready to check out of work and get this baby into the world.

At this point I have even lost a little bit of my blogging zest, so I apologize to my steady crew for the sporadic updates. Once I'm working from home, it should get better again. I promise.

Eye Candy: Kristin Leather Satchel

This is such a great color—delicious minty turquoise. Perfect statement bag for the summer.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time to go Night, Night

Have been up since 4:25 am this morning—unexplainable insomnia—but right now I just have to go to bed so I can manage to wake up tomorrow morning. Last week at work starts tomorrow. Whoo hoo! I hope it will go fast!

Good night y'all. See you all in the morning.

Emilio Pucci Crossover Dress

Usually don't really like Emilio Pucci stuff, but this is a totally gorgeous summer dress.

Oh Baby Baby Baby

Good friends. Alexa, Jen, me (35 weeks, 1 day), Laurie and JRo

Me on the hot seat opening gifts. Totally embarrassing.

Yummy cake

Sami girl

My two preggo buddies, Alexa and Laurie.

Some photos from the baby shower in Saturday. Had such a wonderful time! Amazing to have all our friends and family coming together to celebrate the imminent birth of our little girl.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Babies and Champagne!

Just another week left in the city and I'm running around like crazy trying to get all the last minute stuff taken care of. Dentist appointment to polish the pearly whites. Check. New highlights. Check. Tomorrow morning: Haircut, blow out, mani, pedi and brow wax.

My baby shower is tomorrow afternoon, and I'm definitely not going to look like I just rolled out of bed. My wedding shower was a surprise, so not one of my finer beauty moments. I have too many of those unflattering photos from that party hanging around—everyone looked great except for me. I swore that would not happen again =)

Planning on splurging on one glass of Champagne tomorrow—I absolutly hate being the center of attention, especially opening gifts. So embarrassing, so a glass of liquid courage should do the trick!

Movie Night

I mentioned this film a few weeks ago, but we finally managed to get ourselves over to the movie theatre in Chelsea to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last night. It was amazing! Fairly graphic and brutal (but in a good way), and they kept the storyline pretty close to the book. We both absolutely loved it.

Still running at Chelsea Clearview theatre at 23rd Street, Manhattan. I highly recommend it.

It's based on the trilogy novels by Stieg Larsson and I can't wait for the second and third installments to show.

Bronzed Goddess

My friend just came back from a spray tan (they type where someone actually by hand sprays you) from Brazil Bronze Glow Bar and it looks amazing. I can't wait to go. now has on offer for only $25 per tan and the gift card lasts for a year. And to top it off, the product is 100% organic. I'm going to get a few of these for sure.

Totally recommended. I think they have locations all over, but I'll be heading down to the Soho location.

Candy for my Feet

Give it to me baby. Like boom boom boom.

This is what I want. Classic Gucci Green and Red. Delicious.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heavenly: Pearly Glow Tank

A little preppy and a little boho, this top is so perfect for hot summer days. Comfy cotton jersey with charmeuse bow. J'adore!

Armani Exchange: Open Back Dress

Just spotted this dress in the window Armani Exchange on 5th Ave today and thought it was so cute. Very Leighton Meester. Also in solid black.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Retro Shades from Anon

These are just so cool—Anon's Burnout Sunglasses.

I absolutely love retro 60s look—and tortoise shell looks great on everyones complexion.

Anon Burnout Sunglasses, $100 from or

Baby Campbell's Room is Finally Done!

Managed to get the rug down last night so I think this is finally it. Platinum grey walls with hot pink and orange accents—perfect for a little princess!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Date Night

Time is both standing still and flying by—39 days left and only 9 more days of working in the city.

We are trying to get so many things done before the baby arrives that we have barely had time to do anything fun, so tonight is date night. Alittle bit of shopping and then dinner. We used to go out for dinner all the time and lately I haven't been in the mood. Dinner out is only really great when you feel sassy and fun—not like a whale in muumuus =)

Anyway, the hot pink rug for the baby's room is being delivered tomorrow and we can't wait to get it put in place. (It better be a girl!) And once we get a blind ordered, we should be all set. Thank god we started early on her room, cause I have close to zero energy.

Trend Spotting: Nude Round-toe Patent Heels

Current Craving: Chain and Pearl Necklace

Passed by Express today on my walk around the neighborhood and spotted the most amazing necklace in the window. Of course, it was sold out in the store, but I tracked it down on their website. How cute isn't this!

Shoutout flats from Bandolino

Just got these flats as run around shoes for the summer. Comes in three different color combinations. The black and white leather combo has some 1960's Audrey Hepburn flair over them, so these were my choice.

(I got mine at, and they were currently 30% off)

Kate Moss for Longchamp

Gorgeous emerald green calfskin clutch from Kate Moss' collection for Longchamp Paris. Also in nude and grey.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Michael Star's Riviera Stripe Pocket Tee

I'm obsessed with stripes this summer and all things nautical seems to be taking over my closet right now. I just can't resist this tee shirt from Michael Stars. It's so perfect—not to tight and not to loose and a nice scoop neck to show off a nice summer tan.

Blue/white, $56.00

Red/white, $55.00 at


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