Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunshine and Blue Skies

I obviously have no discipline. Already Friday and I haven't made one single entry in the blog since Monday. Working from home makes the days fly by. Have been super busy at work—everyone is trying to get everything they need from me before I do the final check out.

Anyway, today it's finally tapering off. I'm actually sitting in on the lounge in the back year doing work having a yummy salad—this is how it should be every day (if the neighbor's annoying whimpering dog could just be quiet, everything would be perfect).

Have had this strange urge the past two week to get the whole house cleaned up. I'm vacuuming, polishing and cleaning up as soon as I have a spare moment. That list of to dos is just getting longer and longer—everytime I check one thing off, I add three new ones. In this pace we'll never be ready. LOL.

37 weeks today. I guess anyday could be the big day now....

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