Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday

Half day today at work, thank god—will be dashing out as soon as the messenger has stopped by to pick up the creative. Two campaigns released this morning...I am on fire! 

Had a wonderful evening with Caroline last night, but I'm paying for it today. Coffee is the only thing that helps. Have to run home to start prepping for my friends coming over tomorrow. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

Today's Outfit

Friday casual. Olive mini and Polka Dot shirt, GAP; White tank, H&M; Wellies from Hunter, Knee socks, J Crew.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today's Outfit

Channeling Lauren Conrad today. 

Black Skirt, Banana Republic; White tee, H&M; Faux pearls, Forever 21; Black heels, Aldos; Black croc leather purse, Ann Taylor. (Bag strategically covering a banged up knee. lol)

Mad about BODEN

So I found this british retailer BODEN that has a catalogue here in the US. I have received their mailings for a while but this year I find their stuff completely cute. Some of their stuff is maybe a little to mature for me, but overall really funky and fun—just perfectly unusual. Prices eqivalent to Banana Republic, so not cheap, but not expensive either.
These are my current favorites for the fall. 

Pastis Tonight

I gotta feeling tonight is gonna be a good, good night. 

Girls night out with Caroline tonight. I haven't seen her in ages. A little bummed. I, typically, calling for reservations last minute, couldn't get a table at The Standard Grill—the place I've been dying to try. We have decided to go to Pastis instead.  I haven't been there for years and Caroline, being fairly new to town, has never been there. Super excited. Tons of talking trash and cocktails.

Party every night, party every night. 

Mellow Yellow

A whole new meaning to the concept of chicken suit. The worst part is that this is actually not a costume store.

Oh...You must be in Advertising

This is what I do all day long.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Giles and Brother

I just wanted to mention one other place I love for unusual pieces—Giles and Brother.  Not only do they make cool stuff, they have super friendly service and are located in New York City—support our local businesses please! I have a leather bracelet from them and a pair of cufflinks that I got earlier this year, and the design and quality is impeccable. 

Since my last order, they have added some new stuff.  Visit Giles and Brother.

Pineapple Seed

Found out about this site from Daily Candy—and I love their stuff.
Really cute necklaces, ring and bracelets at affordable prices.
Here's a sampling
[ring $65]
[earrings $49]
[earrings $48]
[bracelet $149].

Black / White / Pink

A perfect ensemble. Black and white tank dress,, $14.50; Black leather belt,, $50.00; Scarf,, $5.50, Shoes,, $250.

Fabric Guru

I found the most excellent online fabric store. It's called and they carry tons of remnants and designer fabrics at bargain basement prices. And it's only $4.99 to ship it. I highly recommend it.

I just got two fabrics for my father-in-laws sail boat. I thought I would surprise him by making some throw pillows for the sofas down-below. They are Sunbrella fabrics so made for outdoor/marine climate and mold resistant. I think he will love it. 

I also got some black and white stripe fabric for the seat cushions in our back yard.

One crazy summer

I don't understand this weather... But I do love thunderstorms!

Here's a little piece of NYC trivia: The Empire State Building mast absorbs over 100 lightning strikes a year.

What a Nose Dive!

I am always in a rush. Not for any real particular reason, I'm just a slightly hasty person. I don't know how many times my husband has told me to slow down, cause one of these days I'm going to get hurt. I usually 'yes' him, and continue to scamper off in light-speed. 

Well, that day was today. Train overpass at Cold Spring Harbor train station, rushing for a train that wasn't even there yet. Running down the stairs on my tippy-toes. Bam, bam, thump thump. Ouch! Thank god for that brave gentleman that threw himself to save me. It could have ended so much worse. The damage: two gashed knees, cuts, bruises, one messed up pedicure, one broken nail and one scraped thumb. Amazingly, I managed to save my purse, sunglasses and necklace without damage. I was all shook up but completely embarrassed. You know when everyone is looking and asking if you are ok. 

Moral of the story. Steep metal staircases+sanded paint+heels=bad injury. 

Lesson learned: don't run down the stairs in heels.

Today's Outfit

Black dress, Uniqlo; Heels, Nine West; Bag L.A.M.B, 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's wrong with Madonna's arms?

Ewww...this is so gross. Her obsession with fitness has gone overboard. Bone, mega muscle and skin only. Disgusting. It's like her body is imploding.

I Love New York

Snapped this shot of the Manhattan skyline on my way home on the train last night. Just make me fall in love with New York all over again.

Cool Condos in LIC

I love this building. I pass it by every morning on the train. On old warehouse converted into modern lofts. It's really too bad that these condos are located right next to the LIRR train tracks. It must be really noisy. Anyway, a studio starts at $675,000. Pricey for this area (it's Queens, after all) and apartment size, but oh so cool. 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Today's Outfit

Pink t-shirt, GAP, School Boy Blazer and Denim Skirt, J Crew, Polkadot shoes, BP Shoes, Necklace, Thomas Sabo, Black Double Wrap leather belt, J Crew.

Sunglass Craving

I'm planning on getting a pair of new Ray-Bans since my old ones seem to have disappeared. My current favorites are actually the classic aviators with shiny gold frame with green lenses, $129.95, 

Sweet and Sour

Perfectly sweet and a little bit sour. Perfect dress in sour yellow chartreuse. On sale from J Crew for $49.99. Adorable with black patent peep-toe heels and multi-strand pearls. J'adore. 

Simply Delightful

Beautiful glazed leather over-sized clutch. I love the sizzling red, but also comes in grey. Hot, hot, hot!

Only in New York, kids!

Combined Perfume Store and Deli. Interesting combination, but I think I'll pass.

The swimmer

Saturday night. Pool party BBQ at my husband's sister. Jay-Z, the pup, taking laps by himself in the pool while we are eating. I guess he was hot. LOL. Hysterical. 

Friday, July 24, 2009

Best Nail Polish Color Ever

Perky Purple. Love.

Living the hi-life on the hi-line

Spent part of the afternoon walking the semi-new hi-line park over on 10th Avenue. Second time there and I still love it. I am so glad they managed to save the old elevated tracks—it's part of NY history, and it has turned into such a beautiful wildflower garden. 

Need to start wrapping up for the weekend. All I want is to have two nice relaxing days off with absolutely no plans. I always overcommit and then regret it on Monday morning when I need to get up. Maybe I'll just reacquaint myself with our garden lounges and the sunshine this weekend. 

Del Posto

Just had a great lunch at Del Posto. The place, co-owned by Joe and Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali is located on 10th Avenue and 16th street in the Meatpacking District. the decor of this restaurant is amazing—grand staircases, marble floors, balcony seating and beautiful high ceilings. (Apologies for the poor image quality)

For while been a consistent place for gastronomic connoisseurs looking for good food. Overall, the food was really good, especially since it's restaurant week (food tend not not be great at this time). I started off with heirloom tomato salad with a complimentary glass of Bellini; for the entree, the roasted pork for had great flavor but was a little dense in the texture. Best part, though, was the ricotta torta with fresh strawberries for dessert—simply exquisite.

I would definitively go back.

Today's Outfit

Midnight blue silk dress, Old Navy, Studded leather belt, American Eagle Outfitters, Leather bracelet, Giles & Brother, Bag, L.A.M.B, Nude peep toe heels, Nine West.

Sale at Nine West

I admit that for everyday shoes, I love Nine West. Not too pricey, trendy enough cute and also suitable for work, a huge selection—and above all great sales. Their online site now has sale plus 30% off some styles. I adore these yellow strappy heels. Perfect with my floral summer dresses and not too dainty. 

On sale for $39.99, and then an additional 30%—$27.99! I can wear them for the rest of the summer and then toss them if need be. Comes in yellow, black, natural and bronze reptile.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Manhattan apartment anyone?

Someone is going to be a lucky winner of a $7,000/month West Village apartment for just $700/month. That's right, you heard it. 

I just found out that Daffy's is holding video auditions to find someone deserving and special to live in a luxury Manhattan apartment for 10 months for just a fraction of the going rent and it comes fully furnished. This is ingenious! So all of you who think you deserve to win, check out the site for audition locations. Entry is open to residents of CT, NY, NJ, PA and all the city boroughs.

Go here to get more info on where to audition.

Pump it Up!

Completely drained at work...created a new playlist that I'm spinning in my office.  This for sure will bering some energy back! (Boss is OOO so the volume is up. lol)

Summer Love

The Frontgate catalogue was waiting for me when I came home last night. Leafing through it, I noticed this over-priced, but completely fab lounger with a privacy canopy. Complete Miami beach feel! I wouldn't mind lounging around the back yard if I had this on my patio/

With a price tag of $3,199, I don't think I'll be getting it anytime soon, but you can always dream, right?  

Visit for details.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How about a one-piece?

She may be thin and all, but Lisa Rinna really should consider trading in her string bikini for a one-piece bathing suit. This just looks terrible!


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