Friday, January 29, 2010

24 weeks

Happy 24 weeks!

+16 lbs/7.2 kg. Currently feeling slightly whale like. I feel like I have a certain resemblance to Moby Dick—fat and pale =(

Belly circumference: too small to look pregnant, too big to look fit. I’m currently just perfectly doughy in the middle.

Clothing choices: leggings, two pair of jeans and a handful of shirts. Sad for someone that loves clothes.

Miss the most in no particular order:

- Champagne on a random Thursday evening

- Spicy Tuna sushi (my favorite food)

- Getting a tan (no tanning allowed since I apparently can get pigment changes, particularly in my face. Ok, no good. I’ll pass)

- Wearing whatever I feel like, not just what fits

- Shopping for clothes that I actually want to wear

- Having a cocktail when life seems a little unfair

- Getting proper highlights

Wow…this list got to be a little longer than I thought.

Best part: In just four months we’ll have a beautiful little baby girl, which makes it all worth it…both being pale and fat =)

Just 16 more weeks to go.

One of those days

…not one single minute to spare. Update revenue projections, project assignment review, check new banner ads and wireframes, the list never ended today. I didn’t even get to eat lunch. Arrgh!

I thought by this time work would have started to slow down and my work beginning to be reassigned, but no such luck. It’s busier than ever and more stuff seems to be coming my way. I should be celebrating that we won the new business pitch I worked on, but at right now I’m just not a happy camper.

On the upside—managed to make it to Penn Station in just 9 minutes! Not bad, I’m still pretty fast despite the current circumstances. Of course though, I got a seat next to this old dude in cheesy “club wear” chewing gum so loudly that I had to put my headphones on—and he was even blowing bubbles. I guess I’m just in a crabby mood.

Take-out in bed tonight, watching Burn Notice, Psych and White Collar. That makes everything so much better!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meatballs and Billy Bookshelves

Heading to IKEA tonight to stock up on all the good stuff a Swedish girl in New York needs—especially pickles. They better not be out of the or there will be hell to pay. Almost done with our new home office, just missing one more bookshelf—hopefully it will be in stock so we can get it done by this weekend.

Meatballs, potatoes, gravy and lingonberry—best dinner ever!

Spring into Basics at GAP

Great stuff for spring and summer from GAP. They always seem to have good quality basics for a decent price—and often great sales. Just spotted these five items—I especially love the floral dress, perfect with a fitted denim jacket. 1. Mini-floral twist-neck dress, $69.50, 2. Pure Body Henley Tee, $19.50, 3. Contrast Trim Cardigan, $49.50, 4. Studded Leather Skinny Belt, $24.50, 5. Perforated Leather Ballet Flat, $39.50.

Denim Cut-offs

I still loving this trend for spring—cut-off denim shorts—with or without stockings. has a pair in dark grey that are perfectly distressed, $178. If you are looking for something more affordable, J Crew's Denim cut-off short is a great get for $79.50.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gucci to Die For

Gucci "New Bamboo" large top handle bag with tassels and bamboo. Comes in five different colors/finishes. Just heavenly.

Available from, $2,350.

Revealed: The Apple iPad

Not to say I told you so but I will anyway, Apple today revealed their new iPad tablet.

Although it's really cool and people will probably still get it, I'm not a 100% sure of the market. At 1.5 lbs, 0.5 inches thick, and a diameter of 9.7 inches, it's kind of heavy and big—but still a really fun gadget. Cost for the 16 GB model start at $499.

Boot Bling

Saw these on Daily Candy yesterday and I think they are so clever and cute. The 2 Bandits creates accessories that will add a little bling to any pair of basic (or not so basic) boots. Made from metal, leather and/or fabric .

I have tons of basic black and brown boots that could use a little something—and the best part is that you can remove them when you are tired of them.

The only drawback is that they are a little pricey (boots not included). Most styles are between $40-$70—but it for sure beats buying a brand new pair of boots.

Visit for the collection.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spring Fling at J Crew

I can't wait for spring—there are so many new cute looks have come in at J Crew I can barely stand it. I need for baby to be here now, so I can get back in shape and get some of this stuff =)

Five Faves from Michael Kors

Michael Kors have some amazing accessories for the spring—bags, watches, sunglasses.

Found five really cool pieces—gold, natural leather, aviator sunglasses, and plenty of python. From top: Gold oversized Runway watch, $250, Hamilton Large Tote in Luggage Brown, $298, Miami Sunglasses, $95, Skorpios Ring Tote (real python), $1,995, Berkley Clutch in Sand Python, $198.

Cole Haan: Verona Air T-strap Sandal

I'm usually not very fond of T-strap sandals, especially with a thick ankle strap since it can make your legs look short and stumpy, but these Cole Haan Verona sandals are just too cute. Comes in silver, gold, black and natural leather (my fave). Plus they have Nike Air cushioning which makes them really comfy.

These will be perfect with some white denim in the summer.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lovely Ladies at 2010 SAG Awards

As disappointed as I was in the dresses of the Golden Globes, I was truly impressed with these ladies at last night's SAG Awards.

Lea Michele in Malandrino, Diane Kruger in Jason Wu and Christina Applegate in Roberto Cavalli.


Working Weekend


Busy bee painting

After—not quite finished, but close enough. Next weekend will be a wrap up.

New replacement window and paint finally in place in the baby's room—we are making progress...very slowly. If we now just can get the work on the room completed. I think after next weekend the trim will actually be completed and the plaster dust all cleaned up, and we can actually get on with the fun stuff—shopping for furniture!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Perfect Gift: Del Toro Slippers

I have been trying to come up with some ideas of what to get for my husband for Valentine's Day. I found these skull and bones slippers from Del Toro, a Miami slipper company. I know he is going to love them! Available at, $165.

Bow so Pretty

Electra D'Orsay Satin Stiletto in Red Rouge, $92.95, Also at

Sleep Talkin' Man

This blog actually made me laugh so hard that I started to cry—can't believe this is for real.

British guy that sleep talk the most insane and funny things I have heard in my life!

Sleep Talkin' Man Blog

"Can you hold... can you hold my starfish? It doesn't like it when I'm getting excited. Oh look, it likes you! Its legs are all cree-py cree-py."

Summer Lovin'

Just got the Victoria's Secret 2010 Swim issue in the post yesterday. (More than likely, I won't be in bikini shape this summer since baby is due end of May—but I can always right?) Found four bikinis that I absolutely adore. Funny, last year I couldn't find one single bikini at VS that had a great fit.

I am usually a C cup and a little hippy, so for me a great fit (and fabric) is more important than the color. Not sure about the bandeau tops, for me the "girls" always look best in tops with some kind of straps. I used to hate bows on the side of the bikini, thinking that it would make me even wider, but I realized that the bows actually minimizes and distracts, making you look thinner. Love that!

Bikini's from top: BioFit Bikini, top $48, bottom $38; Rainbow Vix bikini, top $72, bottom $76; Bikini Aqua Beach Sexy Bikini, top $24, bottom $14.50; Neon yellow Beach Sexy Bikini, top $22, bottom, $14.50.

All my bikinis last year were from J Crew—great fit and cute colors and patterns—but it has been kind of slim pickings this year. I did, however, find this 70s inspired Soleil silk tunic beach cover that I really like. I'll probably live in something like this all next summer.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Savannah Story Busts

Paper mache "trophies" made out of book paper. These are so much fun! Favorite—the rhino., $68.00

Maternity Fashion

I finally caved today and bought two maternity dresses. So far I have been ok with just my regular clothes (the stretchy ones. lol), but I'm waiting for the day when I'll wake up and not fit into anything I have.

Found these two cute dresses at, but I also heard that Heidi Klum will be launching two lines of super chic preggo style clothes for Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity and Destination Maternity on February 12.

Another Day in the Beautiful NYC

Just came back from late lunch with the hubby at my favorite sushi place, Suteishi, down at the seaport. I know, I know, I'm not really supposed to eat sushi, but the doctor actually said it was alright as long as I stayed away from tuna and other high mercury fish. I haven't had sushi in ages since I thought it was banned during pregnancy, so it was soo good! Yum. (All that sushi was not just for me...)

Been kind of a nice slow day at work, but I'm expecting that this will be the calm before the storm like always.

O Canada

Thinking about my friend Laurie when I'm writing this. We were supposed to head to her hometown for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics now in February, but since our little baby girl is making her entry this year, I have to save all the vacation time I have.

So in lieu of actually going, I have found the coolest 2010 Olympics accessory—Hudson Bay Co.'s red Torchbearer mittens. Apparently they have been difficult to come by in the last few months, but today the company released a new batch of 20,000 pairs. So cute and they are only $10.00 (Shipping is around $15.00 to the US).

To get your own, visit the Hudson Bay Co.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Express: Bandage Skirt

This bandage skirt from Express has landed on my "best buy" list. Super affordable and super chic. Comes in cute bright colors for spring, black and white stripe, and in solid black. I love it.


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