Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Afternoons and Some Hampton Chic

In celebration of hot summer Fridays and budding fun, here are some news from two of my favorite things for a Hampton summer. Lily Pulitzer and Serena & Lily—both with stores out east in the beautiful Hamptons.

Serena & Lily is one of my favorite home goods stores—I'm surprised that the whole store doesn't come with me home every time. And some non-preggo envy—I'm drooling over these navy lace shorts and blazer with hot pink piping. Oh la la!

The non-sensical part of me want to buy it and put it away for next summer.

Follow Serena & Lily on Tumblr and Lily Pulitzer's blog The Juice Stand.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sweet Summer Rides

Since summer season (the real one) seems to finally be here, I can't help getting a little excited over bicycles. I know we don't have much of a bike culture here in the U.S., there is nothing better than to get on your bike and peddle down to the beach for a dip in the ocean.

Growing up by the sea, after all day working at our somewhat boring summer jobs, we all got on our bikes, headed down to the beach for a quick dip in the cold Baltic sea, and then a nice warm up by a roaring camp fire.

These bikes from Martone reminds me of that time. Made right here in New York City (I believe their HQ is located right down on Jane Street), these blend style (how sweet isn't that red chain!) with functionalism (that front basket is the most perfect design feature) perfectly.

Two of my favorites above, and they also come in men's designs. Retails for around $899.00 and ships in 2-5 days. 

I Think it's Finally Summer

Had a nice long and relaxing weekend, even if the weather was kind of crummy for the most part. Looking forward to tomorrow when my parents will be arriving for a month long visit—thank god for wonderful parents that are wiling and ready to pitch in when you need it!  Then, of course, in July we are leaving for our 14 day trip to Sweden for some much needed family fun and get-togethers. We haven't been back for two years, so it's about time to see everyone. Traveling with kids is definitely a challenge—we are hoping that the flight will go well! I think this will be the last big trip before Baby Arthur #2 is joining us in November. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Del Rey on Repeat

Starting of Friday night with Lana Del Rey on repeat. The most beautiful voice.

Al Rojo Vivo

On my way home for an early start to Memorial Day weekend. Grey and rainy, but it's totally fine with me. Spending the first summer weekend chilling at home, with some fun stuff planned for Rich's 40th birthday tomorrow. All low-key and just perfect for us. No surprise parties here—Rich absolutely hate stuff like that, so a nice spa day and dinner down by the water is just our speed.

Got an early start to the Memorial Day sales and treated myself to some goodies. It stinks when no normal clothes fit, so all my money are spent on accessories at this time.

Found this perforated M.A.C. Bag from Rebecca Minkoff on sale for $188.00 in the most amazing persimmon. Can't wait to wear it this summer!

And to spice up my living room, I scored these Paulina Reyes Mexican silk pillow cases and a reddish pink blanket at West Elm's clearance sale. And they have an extra 15% off this weekend. Muy caliente!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day

Goofing around after a wonderful mother's day brunch at the yacht club on Sunday. Unfortunately it wasn't warm enough to sit outside—but at least we had sunshine! And best of all, I got to spend it with my favorite little girl. I love being a mommy to this precious little gem.

Prima Ballerina

Finally signed up for dance classes! Until they start this fall, she will be practicing in the living room.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Philip Lim Pashli

The last couple of months I have been loving everything jade green; jewelry, bags, scarves, dresses. You name it—I want it. My latest desire is the Pashli bag from Philip Lim. How perfect isn't this one. The the size, shoulder strap and short handles, and the green is to die for. Classic and timeless, but still fun. It will cost you, though—you have to shell out 895 buckaroos for this gem. But it may just be worth it...

Philip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel, $895 @

Anna + Rich + One More

I know have been totally absent from the blog for a couple of weeks now, but with everything going on right now, it’s been difficult to find time to dedicate to the blog.  So Rich and I are super excited to finally get to share the big news that we are expecting baby #2! And this time around it’s a little baby boy. It couldn’t be more perfect than this—one of each—all you can ever hope for. Due date is November 3, so he will be the most precious holiday gift for the whole family. (Although, for some reason I think this little guy may make his appearance a little early, just like his sister.)

This pregnancy has been completely different from the first. More rapid weight gain. Blah. No breakouts. Yay. Months of constant nausea. Yuck. So pretty much the opposite of the first one. Luckily, at the end, you will have the most amazing little bundle joining the family. And of course, afterwards the extra pounds go away and the nausea subsides, and everything will go back to normal. I will try to keep you all updated on the journey, but with an active 3 year old and a busy job, it’s sometimes challenging. But I promise I will try! 


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