Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Greetings from Österlen

Already Wednesday and our vacation is better than expected. Beautiful weather and millons of things to do. You all have to wait for pictures until I get back though. Getting ready for a house party at my brothers tonight, and then drinks with Rich and my sis tomorrow. We have made some preliminary plans to go to Malmo on Thursday shopping. Friday night we are having a huge part down at the bar in the Marina. Summer premier at Handelsbaren in Åhus. Hopefuly the turnout wil be great.

So far, we have done tons of fun stuff. Yesterday we went down to the seaside towns on Österlen with dinner at one of the local fish places. It was my husband's birthday so we wanted to make sure we had a great day.

More updates to come...

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Meeting up with my husband in 10 minutes to officially check out for vacation. I will try to update my blog during the 10 days I'll be out, but it will probably be quite sporadic. 

My office is cleaned, the work reassigned, and I'm all set to take off for Sweden.

Hang tight all my steady followers! I'll be back on June 1 (if not before) with, hopefully, fun and interesting stories from our European vacation.   

Champagne lunch at L'Express

Happiness and sadness all wrapped in one. Just got back from a long, long good bye lunch at L'Express. My co-worker Lisa has decided to move to Montreal with her husband to have their baby. So sad to see her go! But I agree with her, the move really makes sense for them and I'm so happy for them. 

Oh happy day!

Having such a great day. Last day of work before vacation and I feel all jittery from excitement. Bags packed, passports checked and tickets printed. JFK-Reykjavik-Copenhagen, then home sweet home. Our country home on Hallamölla is our favorite place in the whole world. Simply magical, no other place like it. 

We have decided to not make too many plans this time. Sunday will be our annual family hike along Verkeån down to Vantalängan and this is the first time that we are able to join. For the rest of the week we will probably drive around Österlen go to antique stores, visit my home town Åhus, and hang out a the beach. I really would love to make it to Malmö one day, but we'll see.

Have to get back to work so I can leave on time tonight. Peace out. 

My favorite obsession

These two never miss a photo op. How tacky can you be? Inviting photographers while you are serving lunch to homeless people. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Filigree ring from Banana Republic

Not a huge fan of BR clothes–overall a little too matronly, but they do have great jewelry. Nothing really fancy, but cute everyday stuff. I found this ring, kind of Moroccan filigree cutout. I love it and they only had one left in the store ($29).


I give you the morning

When I hear this song I find it hard to hold back the tears. This is the Swedish version of Tom Paxton's "I give you the morning" sung by Fred Åkerström. His voice is enough to give me goosebumps.

Jelly flip-flops

Hot item of the season–Chanel Jelly Sandals. Not only are they sold out everywhere, they are also retailing for $345! I thought we were still in a recession? I guess there are still people living on their credit cards.

If you are like me and can't bare to separate with that much money for PVC sandals, they have these really cute jellies at J Crew for $29.50–and they come in three delicious colors.  

House of Harlow 1960

Although there was a lot of buzz when Nicole Richie first launched her jewelry line House of Harlow, I haven't heard anything since. However, I did find these resin and gold earrings at Wink NYC for $34. I love that estate sale/1930s art deco look [winknyc.com]

Cannes' Red Carpet

My two best from the Cannes' red carpet. 
Evangeline Lilly in aqua and black ombre from Valentino. 
Actress Devon Aoki in Alberta Ferretti.

The Straight Story

Even after two years of braces in middle school, my teeth have always been slightly crooked. Granted, I have been blessed with strong teeth and I don't really get cavities, but who cares when they are all misaligned! 

This weekend I got an offer I can't resist. One of my best friends Alexa is a dentist with her own private practice in midtown and she is going to help me fix my teeth. After I get back from vacation, I'm making an appointment to get fitted with Invisalign and and all I have to pay is the lab fee! Whoo hoo! I think orthodontists charge around $10,000. Super psyched. Finally I'll get my Hollywood teeth...ok, maybe not quite chicklets but pretty darn close. Ha, life is good.

I'll continue to update on the progress after I get them. (www.invisalign.com)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Designer's Invitation Project for Uniqlo

Uniqlo has launched their Designer's Invitation project with cute dresses and tops by Design duo Shipley and Halmos. 

I got my hands on this dress (apologies for the weird yellow glow of the photo and my petrified face), but I'm not sure if I'm keeping it. Although I like being tall, the problem is that most mini dresses and skirts are made for shorter people, hence making everything extremely short. I'm feeling that this dress is (bending over) close to being scandalous. I'm leaning toward a return...

Swedish Musical "Kristina" set for New York

Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulveaus, mostly famous for being part of Swedish 70s band Abba and the creators of the musical "Mamma Mia", are finally bringing their less famous musical "Kristina" to New York. The immigrant epic based on author Vilhelm Moberg's trilogy following a Swedish immigrant family from Sweden to their new home in the U.S. in the 1800s.

So far there are only two dates scheduled September 23 and 24 at Carnegie Hall.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Eurovision 2009

This weekend was the final in the 2009 Eurovison Song Contest in Moscow, and if you are European this is a must-see. Watching this weekend, I realized that it's not the same anymore. When I was little, all countries had to sing in their native language and it made it so much more interesting. 

Best memory ever from this competition is Carola winning the Swedish portion with "Främling" (Stanger) in 1983 at the age of 16. Best winning song of all times–without a question Johnny Logan "Hold me now" in 1987. That song still brings tears to my eyes.

Pre-vacation splurge

I got a few new things for my trip and this shirt is my favorite. White sheer basket weave with flowing elbow length sleeves–perfect for the summer with distressed jeans and heels. From Club Monaco.

Baby bump?

Eva Longoria at the Cannes Film Festival–full from a big meal or is that a baby bump?? 

Stuff that Girls like?

Was in the toy store on Friday to get something for my niece. None of the cool stuff were for kids under 3 years old–what the heck?! I'm counting on her being the most developed 2.5 year old and bought stuff for kids 3+. I actually don't really know what girls that age play with, but I thought coming from the US, I have to get her her first Barbie! 

I also had some flashbacks being a kid when I found Pez dispensers. I never really liked the Pez candy, but the whole dispenser thing was irresistible.


Spent the weekend preparing for my vacation. This time I'm planning way ahead, and I don't want to be rushed. My usual m/o is to wait until the last minute, running around two seconds before we need to leave for the airport throwing things in my suitcase. I'm also a notorious over-packer, traveling with 30 outfits for a 7 day trip. Not this time. I'm carefully selecting outfits, not just packing everything I have! My biggest problem is that I'm not always in the mood to wear the clothes that I have selected for the trip. Hopefully this time it will be fine. 

Three days and counting!  

Ohh no, they are too big!!

I admit, I'm not the most diligent with updating my blog during the weekends. I'm just so busy with other things that unfortunately the blog gets neglected.

Anyway, my new Adidas sneakers arrived on Friday and I'm so bummed, they are way too big! I have ordered a size smaller and hopefully they will get here by the time we have to leave on Friday and that they fit! I really need them for the hike on Sunday so it's really down to the wire here. Here's a picture of them though. I think they are supercute.

zappos.com. Great prices and free shipping/returns.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Casual Friday

This just made me crack up today. Clip from The Office.

Best dressed kid in town

Getting some cool stuff to bring over to my family in Sweden. Last night I finally managed to find the bright pink Converse that my sis-in-law wanted for my niece. I haven't seen her for almost two years, so I think they look enormous. Last time I was there, she was a little baby and now she will be a young girl! Of course, the shoes are super cool. Still need to get a pair of lo-tops for her and a few other things.

Kate Gosselin: "Everybody Wants" My Hairstyle!

Really? I'm pretty sure I don't, but Yahoo Search reports that searches on Kate's hair are up 1865% in the last month. I don't know if that's good or bad?

I would say that her hair style is one of the most horrendous styles I have seen!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why can't I find a bra I like?

I have nine days until we depart for Sweden and I a running around like a chicken without a head. Getting some new clothes and a pair of sandals, getting a bunch of my current shoes re-heeled, new highlights and haircut, eye appointment–I can go on and on. Plus I'm looking for a few things for my niece. I'll be exhausted the second I get on that plane!

One thing that has been plaguing me for a while now is finding some new cute bras. Ever since I lost weight, my bras are too big and it looks really silly. I have been shopping around for a while, but today I decided to finally bite the bullet. First off, I hate that underwear is so expensive. A decent bra is about $50, and every time I'm in the store I'll end up feeling guilty over the purchase and putting them back. I know, it's really silly.

But now I really have to get a few, which leads me to my second issue, push-up, extra lining and gel pads. I don't want any of it! It seems absolutely impossible to find something either cute or sexy that comes without all these extras. I'm so happy that my breasts were finally a little smaller and I, for sure, don't want anything that brings me back to that. I don't know what to do. I found a few models online from Victoria's Secret that looks like they could be cute, but they won't arrive by the time we are leaving. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Taking a walk down memory lane

Little bit of a You Tube kick this morning.

Anyway, listening to Freestyle [or Style] was mandatory if you were growing up in 80s Sweden. In today's morning news, I found out that this Swedish teen pop/synthesizer band is reuniting for a new remix of this 80s song. Ahhh, listening to this original version takes me down memory lane. Thinking about it, I may even have made out with my first boyfriend to this song! 

Dress from Target

My friend came to work in this dress this morning and it's absolutely stunning. The photos on the Target website doesn't do it justice and it's a bargain at 24.99. Trapunto dress, target.com

Inspiration for tough times

This version of Ben E King's Stand by Me gives me goosebumps. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Prada for Sunglass Hut

Prada has released a collection designed exclusively for The Sunglass Hut, and I'm impressed. I actually like these better than the regular Prada collection, which tends to be a little tacky. This is my pick for best style in the collection. Comes in tortoise and black. Price $270, sunglasshut.com 


I know they are still kind of in, but I can't help absolutely hating headbands. I think the only one that can actually pull it of and look cool is Nicole Richie, who can pretty much make anything look great. Note to Kim Kardashian, Misha Barton, Paris and all you other girls–don't try this look at home, it only looks like you are trying too hard.

These chips kick ass!

I try very hard to stay away from salty and fatty snacks [ read potato chips], sodium and fat is probably the worst combo!! Overall, I'm not a huge salty snacks eater, but once in a while you just have the need for some chips. Today I picked up some POP chips, a new kind of baked and "popped" chip. Only 100 calories (30 from fat) and super tasty. Highly recommended.

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Saturday night

My nephew John's first communion party on Saturday and we had a great night at Il Bacco's in Little Neck on Long Island. The decor was kind of dated, but the food was amazing. I had the best Penne a la Vodka ever, I think. Definitely worth a return visit. 

Söndagsparty with Fredrik and Filip

Swedish comedy duo Fredrik and Filip are for about two months hosting a Swedish live tv-show from NYC. Sunday I was at the live broadcasting of the show–and it was so much fun. Despite the fact that about 70% of the show is in my native tongue, even my husband and partner-in-crime (who doesn't speak a lick of Swedish),  had a few good laughs. Surprisingly, there were only four non-Swedes in the audience and I have to admit that I was amazed at how may Swedes there are in NY. 

Guests on Sunday included Swedish acting superstar Mikael Persbrandt, Miss Piggy, Swedish rapper Petter, James Lipton, and New Jersey native/Scrubs cutie Zach Braf. (Yes, he is just as cute live and in the show). 

Of course, on Sunday I noticed that the majority of the audience and crew spoke with a distinct Stockholm dialect. I immediately felt like the odd country cousin speaking with the somewhat peculiar Kristianstad/Scanian accent. Thank god for the two other Scanians I spotted! There is nothing that makes a Scanian girl more self-conscious than addressing a proper-speaking Stockholm Swede with her southern Swedish accent. 

The consulate estimate that there are about 30,000 Swedes in the tri-state area. Unbelievable to me since I don't know one single other Swede it this area! I am guessing that most of them are either here temporary, going to college, or nannies. For a while I was trying the Swedish networking thing, but eventually everyone that I got to know moved back to Sweden. I'll admit, I think I simply ran out of energy trying to make friends that later just left the country. Call me lazy, but making friends is hard work!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cute Stuff from Alloy

I want this for my vacation in Sweden. Summer Dress $44.50, Top $24.50, Multi-strand necklace $16.50. Alloy.com

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sample Sale in SoHo, NYC

Crazy busy day today and I have not had much time to update the blog. Was down in SoHo during lunch and they were handing out these flyers for a sample sale. I didn't have time to stop in today, but lunch tomorrow will for sure be spent there. I'm hoping to find some cute Seven jeans at a bargain. 

Complete madness at work, presentation, new business pitches, RFPs, work load distribution...the list just goes on. Well, tonight me and my husband are grilling out and splitting a bottle a wine–that always makes me wind-down.

Happy hump day everyone.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Couples so Cute they should be paid to Procreate

Diane and Josh, Gisele and Tom, and  Jessica and Justin. Could they be any more attractive? So cute it hurts.

Bad Hair Day

Some hairdressers should be fired for letting their clients leave the salon with these hair-dos.

Otherwise beautiful Anne Hathaway showed up with New Jersey pageant hair. Tyra Banks misplaced her oversized bun on the forehead. And finally, Madonna with a hair style apparently created by her kids playing hair-stylists before the party (What is that aqua colored thing in your hair, anyway?)

Now, for the worst dresses of the Gala...

I actually appreciate risk takers, even on the red carpet, but sometimes the envelope is simply pushed to far. This year the worst offenders include Leighton Meester, Madonna, and Rihanna. 

Leighton and Madonna must both have gotten dressed in the dark. Not even sure what to say about their ensembles. A mad clown and a space invader, I guess would describe them. Rihanna looked like she was going to an Alice in Wonderland costume party. 

Not the worst offender, but not a great pick of dress: Rosario Dawson's salmon colored gown. Some people might like this dress, but I think she looks like she was wrapped up in 50 yards pink cellophane or tulle. 


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