Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Straight Story

Even after two years of braces in middle school, my teeth have always been slightly crooked. Granted, I have been blessed with strong teeth and I don't really get cavities, but who cares when they are all misaligned! 

This weekend I got an offer I can't resist. One of my best friends Alexa is a dentist with her own private practice in midtown and she is going to help me fix my teeth. After I get back from vacation, I'm making an appointment to get fitted with Invisalign and and all I have to pay is the lab fee! Whoo hoo! I think orthodontists charge around $10,000. Super psyched. Finally I'll get my Hollywood teeth...ok, maybe not quite chicklets but pretty darn close. Ha, life is good.

I'll continue to update on the progress after I get them. (

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