Monday, May 11, 2009

Söndagsparty with Fredrik and Filip

Swedish comedy duo Fredrik and Filip are for about two months hosting a Swedish live tv-show from NYC. Sunday I was at the live broadcasting of the show–and it was so much fun. Despite the fact that about 70% of the show is in my native tongue, even my husband and partner-in-crime (who doesn't speak a lick of Swedish),  had a few good laughs. Surprisingly, there were only four non-Swedes in the audience and I have to admit that I was amazed at how may Swedes there are in NY. 

Guests on Sunday included Swedish acting superstar Mikael Persbrandt, Miss Piggy, Swedish rapper Petter, James Lipton, and New Jersey native/Scrubs cutie Zach Braf. (Yes, he is just as cute live and in the show). 

Of course, on Sunday I noticed that the majority of the audience and crew spoke with a distinct Stockholm dialect. I immediately felt like the odd country cousin speaking with the somewhat peculiar Kristianstad/Scanian accent. Thank god for the two other Scanians I spotted! There is nothing that makes a Scanian girl more self-conscious than addressing a proper-speaking Stockholm Swede with her southern Swedish accent. 

The consulate estimate that there are about 30,000 Swedes in the tri-state area. Unbelievable to me since I don't know one single other Swede it this area! I am guessing that most of them are either here temporary, going to college, or nannies. For a while I was trying the Swedish networking thing, but eventually everyone that I got to know moved back to Sweden. I'll admit, I think I simply ran out of energy trying to make friends that later just left the country. Call me lazy, but making friends is hard work!


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