Wednesday, March 31, 2010

32 Weeks and 5 Days

Back again by popular demand. Belly photo from 5 minutes ago. Currently 32 weeks and 5 Days.

I'm very reluctant to be in photos lately. Gosh, I just feel and look huge! And I need new highlights again =p

Sitting around waiting from my friend Jen to pick me up for dinner. I'll get to meet Albert, her new puppy tonight.

New Scent from Givenchy

This new fragrance from fashion house Givenchy smells amazing.

Givency Ange ou Demon Le Secret, 1.7 oz, $73.00 from Sephora

(Too bad the bottle doesn't look a little better—the design is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen.)

Look of the Day

Love this look from J Crew.

Dress, $275; T-shirt, 29.50; Studded belt, $68; Bag $175; Necklace, $275.

Care Package from Sweden

I don't think I ever get to old for a care package from home. I jump up and down like a little kid when I spot that brown envelope in the mail box.

Last night—after a really rainy, cold crappy day, I came home to this in my mailbox—an Easter package from my brother, sis-in-law and niece. They know how to get to mood back to perfect again!

A super cute outfit from Danish children's clothing designer Molo, socks with Laban—Sweden's own version of "Casper the Friendly Ghost" and the worlds cutest little stuffed animal (Rich and I are still debating what animal it is—he thinks it's a rabbit and I think it's some kind of strange marsupial.) And, of course, a sampling of Swedish salty candy—I'm munching on it right now. Yum!

Thank you Teresa, Ola and Ella!

Hold the Date: SATC II on May 27

Mark your calendars.

Sex and The City 2 is scheduled to premier on May 27. I just can't wait to see it—hopefully it won't be a disappointment...the first one was pretty good after all.

Now I'm just crossing my fingers that I won't go over my due date to much, so I still have time to see this before it leaves the theaters.

Fit for a Lady

Just got this new Narcisco Bauletto bag from Italian leather goods company Furla. I usually don't get bags that I can't wear on my shoulder or cross-body, but I am totally in love with the croc embossed dark brown leather. Reminds me a little of an old fashioned doctor's satchel. I also really like that it's so discreet—I absolutely hate when bags are covered with the brand name logo and monograms. (Don't get me started on Louis Vuitton bags. So tacky!)

Old Navy Bargain Necklace

It's funny how the cheapest little things you buy seem to get the most complements. I found this necklace yesterday at Old Navy for $12.50 and so far everyone has commented on how much the love it.

Not sure if they have it in all stores, but I got mine at the 17th Street/6th Ave. store in Manhattan.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beauty Talk: The Organic Pharmacy

I love this British company that only produce organic beauty products. Tons of skin, hair and body care products—they even have a product line for babies.

Although all prices are in GBP, they do ship to the US for a flat fee of $15.00, and any order over $100.00 ships free.

Oh What a Day

Pouring rain. 48 hours straight so far, and it's going to continue until tomorrow.

Thank god, when we work up this morning, the basement was still dry. No flooding! Whoo hoo! Amazing the little things that make me happy. Of course, once I peeked outside our basement well was filled to the brim ready to spill straight into the basement. Arggh! I thank my lucky star that we managed to catch it—even if it meant Rich and I in PJs connecting hoses and pumps in freezing rain this morning. A hot shower after that felt so good.

Amazingly, we still managed to catch our usual train. I couldn't believe it.

Still this is one of those days that you wish you were still at home under the duvet. Cold, rainy and damp. I hate it!

Above: Madison Square Park during lunch today

Super Comfy Flats from Cole Haan

I just discovered these basic flats for the spring and summer. Like most of the Cole Haan shoes, they have built in Nike air cushions—what can be more comfortable than that.

Not super cheap for just some run around shoes, but your feet will thank you later.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Skin Care Products for a Frugal Girl

Found two products that I think are worth their weight in gold.

1. Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating 2-in-1 Foaming Pads. Slightly abrasive pads polishes your skin leaving it absolutely radiant. I got it at Ulta, but I think you can also get in from their website directly at (I think it was just around $8.00—complete bargain)

2. Bigelow Acai Repair Night Cream. One of the many great products from New York City's own little West Village apothecary. Enriched with super-antioxidants (the stuff that fights free-radicals and aging), multi-vitamins and multi-minerals. A complete super concoction that does not make your skin break out. Online at, $24.00.

Perfect Little Navy Mini Dress

This is such a great summer dress from Ann Taylor. Made of stretch silk for a perfect fit and with just enough details to make it interesting. And I love that it's navy—a great departure from the classic LBD.

Ann Taylor, Silk Dress with Tiered Skirt, $168. 00. (There's currently a promotion: 30% off full priced dresses with code DRESS30.)

Fashion Misstep ...again

Mary-Kate Olsen has done it again. This is just painful. The hailed fashionista again managed to step out of her apartment in Manhattan dressed like a bag lady.

I am not sure where she gets her reputation as a brilliant fashionista from, but it can't be from wearing ensembles like this...or at least I hope not.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Heading out in a few minutes to start celebrating the weekend. It's amazing how much you appreciate time off when you are a working girl. We have made absolutely no plans this weekend—the last one was just to busy. I just want to spend two lazy days at home doodling around. The only plans we have are massages tomorrow morning—hopefully the guy can get this persistent knot out of my back.

Otherwise, I'm celebrating 32 weeks today. Just 8 more weeks to go. I can't believe that after April 23 I won't be working in the city again until after the summer. Whoo hoo! Perfect timing. A whole summer off. That hasn't happened since I was 13—I was always busy working and making money somehow. I always felt that Money=Independence, and I love that.

Spend a nice long lunch in Soho shopping for Rich's Easter basket. Found some really nice stuff in the J Crew Men's store down there. I know it's a little silly, but we are still like kids and love to do those things for each other.

Anyway, signing off for the weekend. Chilly in NYC today—where did the spring go??

Statement Necklaces

Found these nice, chunky necklases at Talbots of all places. That just shows you—don't write off any retailer. You can find good stuff all over. These are all between $59.00-$79.00. Tons of other really cute pieces on their website

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodbye to The Hills

Some tearful news for all The Hills fans out there. MTV just announced that this upcoming season, premiering April 27, will be the series last season. Not a huge surprise—it just was never the same after Lauren left.

Spring Cravings: Cropped Striped Blazers

I love this trend for spring! Especially since in mashes two of my favorite items—blazers and nautical stripes. I absolutely adore blazers,—throw one on to dress up jeans or dress down a party dress. I found three really great choices in three price ranges.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lipsy of London

Found this British retailer that has an amazing selection of dresses—especially party dresses. Most of them seem to be starting around 50.00 GBP (which is about $80.00) and go up to 85.00 GBP ($125.00). Really cute and different for not that much money. Still haven't purchased anything, so I'm dying to know what the fit and quality is like. They also have great tops, corsets and other cute things. Best part—they ship worldwide!

Above, some favorites. I am totally in love with the top one in silver!

The Look of Perfection

Jennifer Anniston wearing the most stunning draped Donna Karan dress at the New York Premier of The Bounty Hunter.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dreaming of Summer and Sail

Casting off the docks in Oyster Bay, raise the main sail and jib, slowly gliding past Center Island and steering out into Long Island Sound. Waves crashing over the bow. The wind tugging in my hair. The sun burning lightly on my shoulders. There is nothing like it.

Just a little over a month until the boat will be put back in the water again and we can finally go out sailing again. Dreaming of a nice long summer sail with Rich and the baby—we have even gotten a tiny tiny little life jacket for her.

It's on crummy days like this that all I can think about is the warm days of summer, the ocean and beaches. I'm just hoping the next two months will go really, really fast.

Chambray Cara Dress

Looking around for some comfy clothes for my summer of leisure. This dress from J Crew fits the bill, I think—soft and roomy around the belly (I'm obviously hoping for some miraculous belly shrinkage this summer). It comes in pink, blue and grey—all really nice, $68.00. Not sure which color to pick though. Suggestions?

Wall Art

This is such a cool poster—I just have to get it for our bedroom. It's a reproduction of a British World War II motivational/propaganda poster that was never released and finally rediscovered and reproduced in 2000. Comes in tons of sizes, colors and prices, but the 16" X 24" version is only $19.99 unframed at (plus free shipping and an extra 20% off with coupon code RAINBOW.)

Whataya Want From Me?

I'm neither an American Idol, nor am I an Adam Lambert fan, but this song is actually pretty good. Gives me enough energy to get through this Tuesday.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Whimsy

A little goes a long way. Miss Marc collection from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I probably wouldn't go for any of the bigger bags in the collection, but this little makeup case is incredible cute. Perfect for the essentials. Bloomingdales, $58.00.

PS 1 Bag from Proenza Schouler

Part pocket book, part old school brief case. Medium Leather PS 1 bag from Proenza Schouler in Natural Leather. Also comes in a great Sea Blue and bright Yellow. Get it at, $1,595.

Just a Perfect Day

Had such an amazing Saturday hiking at Caumsett State Park in Lloyd Neck. Big picnic basket with hot chocolate (maybe technically a little to warm outside for it, but it's our favorite), croissants, raspberry scones, cheese and blueberries packed. We thought we would be the only ones with this idea, but the park was, of course, packed. Still managed to get away from most people and hike around a little and stop for a long relaxing picnic.

Photos from above: 1. View from our selected picnic location; 2. Me and Rich down by the beach; 3. Me posing with my big belly (31 weeks, 2 days); 4. Proof of spring; 5. Rich looking for good rocks for skipping.

Wrapped Goddess Frock

Amazing dress from Alice + Olivia. One shouldered Jersey dress with silk chiffon overlays. Comes in Army green and grey. Some sizes still available at, $264.

Weekend at the Beach

New hotel in Long Beach if you are looking for a quick getaway to the beaches this summer—The Allegria Hotel. And it's only a short ride from Manhattan on the Long Island Rail Road—right by the Atlantic ocean.

This summer the rooftop pool and deck, as well as the spa, will also open. This is a perfect spot for a romantic weekend getaway without going too far. The room rates are a little pricey with weekday summer rates around $340+/night (M-Th) and Friday nights at around $400+/night.


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