Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Blog Anniversary!

853 postings—that's what the blog has amounted to during my first year of blogging at this site. I can't believe it. That's an average of 2-3 posts per day—but then again, I do like a lot of stuff and I do have tons of opinions on everything. (Don't get me started listing all my pet peeves, that would never end.)

Quick baby bump update. 28 weeks, 3 days done, 81 more days to go. Time is going super fast and super low all at the same time. Rich stated this weekend that he did not want to wait any longer for the baby. She should be here now. I wish it was that easy. Went for the tour at Huntington Hospital on Saturday. It's pretty nice, except for that universal hospital smell—lemon disinfectant and gross hospital food. And it just for two days after all, so I'll think I survive.

Baby is now 15 inches long and weighs about 2. 5 lbs. Plus 24 lbs, and so far no stretch marks (thank god), and no varicose veins.

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