Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tonight, it's all about me

I'm having one of those days today—one of those where you just feel yucky and gross. Blah! I wish I could have just stayed under the covers this morning.

My belly has started to really take off growing, but it's only making me feel fat since none of my clothes are not fitting right. Plus my hair is limp and stringy, and my skin feels super dry and pale. Can it get any worse?!

In lieu of going to the spa, I'm gonna do a whole night of pampering myself tonight. I got this great mask when we stopped over in Iceland a few months ago—some kind of mineral facial mask from Blue Lagoon Spa. I swear it fixes everything. And I just picked up tons of Neutrogena hair stuff to see if I can bring some life into these locks.

I got the recommendation to get a deep conditioning mask containing cetyl alcohol, comb it through your hair and then hit it with the blow dryer for 15 minutes. Supposedly it will do wonders for dry over processed hair—I guess we'll see tomorrow. Judging from what it looks now, it can only get better...

Saturday—massage, mani and pedi, eye brow wax scheduled.

Hopefully this will do the trick to get me out of this slump.

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