Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy 29 weeks!

My belly is exploding! Not literally, but our girl is growing at light speed. My belly is getting bigger and bigger for every day—and let's not talk about my chin, butt and arms!! All my body parts are out of control. I have been reassured that it will go away afterwards—especially you are planning on nursing—so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Can't believe it's month 7 already—29 weeks today. Still plus 24 lbs. Hard pill to swallow. Had my check up today and my doctor told me everything is going perfectly. In another 2 weeks I'll be going in for another sonogram and another check up. I guess we will then finally get a 100% confirmation on the sex—there is still a chance that it's a boy after all.

Massage tonight and I'm going for acupuncture for the first time. A little nervous—those long needles look really scary, but I'll quote my friend Laurie, "I'll try anything at least once." (Laurie, do you remember saying that?? lol)

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