Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh What a Day

Pouring rain. 48 hours straight so far, and it's going to continue until tomorrow.

Thank god, when we work up this morning, the basement was still dry. No flooding! Whoo hoo! Amazing the little things that make me happy. Of course, once I peeked outside our basement well was filled to the brim ready to spill straight into the basement. Arggh! I thank my lucky star that we managed to catch it—even if it meant Rich and I in PJs connecting hoses and pumps in freezing rain this morning. A hot shower after that felt so good.

Amazingly, we still managed to catch our usual train. I couldn't believe it.

Still this is one of those days that you wish you were still at home under the duvet. Cold, rainy and damp. I hate it!

Above: Madison Square Park during lunch today

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