Friday, January 31, 2014

While You Were Sleeping

My most significant accomplishment during this 12 week maternity leave—new bar area/guest kitchen  downstairs. All done single handedly by yours truly while the little babe was napping. Maybe this whole house finished just in time for us to have outgrown this house and need something bigger!


I think one of our other little girls is feeling neglected.

Lazy Days

A little afternoon nap with this one is never wrong.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ear Candy

Draw back of heading back to work—clothing and accessories budget is steeply increasing. Refinery29 just tickled my tastebuds with this delectible Delfina Delettrez earring. Ahh sigh. Only $510 @Opening Ceremony.

Counting Down

Enjoying my last week of domestic bliss before heading back to the bright lights of the city. I can't believe that I haven't been in the office since early October of last year! Of course, I feel torn between the satisfaction of being close to the kids every day and the sanity that a career and job gives you. I'm kind of dreading the thought of the morning and night routine—rushing to get kids dressed, packed, loaded into the car, and dropped off before even driving to the station to catch the train. I guess all pieces will fall into place once we get the hang of it. 

Since I only have a couple of more days, I'm taking advantage of the sleeping babes and make some home made mushroom bisque. Have been on a diet this past week, and have another 6 weeks to go, but this yummy concoction is going in the freezer anyway. We will need easy ready-made meals starting next week!

Managed to squeeze in a couple of minutes on the spinning bike today too—I feel so accomplished. Lost 8 lbs this past week, but I have another 15 lbs to go until I'm back to pre-Cami weight. Ugh, diets absolutely suck. I hate feeling somewhat hungry all the time. But it will be worth it; I can't wait to be back in tip-top shape for the beach and feel fully human again. I absolutely detest being pregnant—thank god that the reward is so amazing! 

Friday, January 24, 2014


Braving the arctic freeze for a few minutes of snow play. Need to burn some calories before we refuel with some home made hot cocoa and cinnamon toast =)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day

This is the plan for this morning. All four of us snuggled up in bed.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Snow is Falling

Hurray! It's snowing! I absolutely love a good snow storm here and there. Bundled up inside, candles lit and a good movie on TV (today's pick is Scapegoat...which seems to be excellent by the way.) 

Fifteen inches of snow predicted to fall over Long Island today, and it was a perfect time to organize my closet. I can't believe that I found two pairs of J Brand jeans, one pair of Paige jeans and another pair from J Crew that I had totally forgotten about.It's like going shopping in your own closet. I got three more bags of clothes packed up for goodwill. Such a good feeling afterwards—clothes hoarder no more!

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Very Merry X-mas @ the Arthurs

Sadly this is just about a month late, but I wanted to share some of the pictures from our Christmas. Every year we commit to keeping things low key and free of stress, but yet again, this was a hectic holiday season. I guess it comes with the territory, and getting used to two kids made everything extra crazy.

My biggest regret this year is that we didn't make it to Rockefeller Center and the tree—the Lucia snowstorm managed to foil that attempt and we decided to not make the trek from the upper west side. But the tree will be there next year again!

It was a magical and special Christmas and we started some new traditions. Christmas Bath (made extra-special with bath fizzies from Lush); midnight sprinkling of oatmeal and glitter on the lawn so Rudolph and Santa would know where to land; baking of christmas cinnamon buns for Santa (which landed in dad's belly while last minute gift wrapping); decorating of a cool new silver christmas tree; and of course an amazing brunch with Santa at Prime Harbor Club (we have to do this again).

Can't wait to do it all again next year!


Happy Friday!

Making the most out of the remaining two weeks of maternity leave. Feel torn between the love of saying close to my kids and the urge to join the real world again. I need to work to feel good, but I wish I could find something a little less crazy. Any suggestions for a new career for an ad girl? Offers?

Here are a couple of pictures from this morning. My little prince.

Better get my tush of the couch and start prepping for dinner with Rich's parents. (That rug definitely need a once over with the vacuum before any guests are coming)

Gold, Suede & Glitter

While I'm working on shedding the last baby pounds, I just treated myself to something that always fit. Sparkly perfect navy suede pumps from C. Wonder. Now, back to the bike for some spinning.

Monday, January 13, 2014


When you spend your days with this little one, it's quite difficult to get anything sensible done. My to do list for today is so far untouched and it's already 4 pm =)

Monday, January 6, 2014

In Good Company

With Wallander on Apple TV, a glass of Coppola Claret in hand, and the sweetest little boy by my side, the graveyard shift is not that bad!

Christmas in the City

I know these pictures are already a couple of weeks old, but I thought I would post them anyway. After missing last year's Lucia, we were excited to head into the city fun for Lucia—even if a snowstorm was raging. Cami was such a trooper and despite having a dance recital earlier in the day, stayed up for late dinner at Nick and Toni's. And, of course, Lucia was absolutely amazing as always—the solos for O holy Night and Maria Wiegenlied were enough to give me goosebumps. Bravo.


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