Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Fever

58F in New York City today and it will be 50F + all week—I got a sneaking suspicion that Spring has finally arrived. I actually spotted both bare legs and flip flops on the streets today, but that is a little to aggressive for me. I am always cold, so I will remain bundled up for another few weeks at least. My pale legs could potentially also be a contributing factor. I think it's time for the self-tanner to come out, since I can't do any tanning.

We had such a productive weekend again. We are really on such a roll with getting things done—hanging pictures in the baby's room, install new lighting, radiator covers refinished, painting all done. If I now can only get my closet cleared out I'll be all set. Maybe tonight's the night I start. Maybe...

Tick-tock: T minus 10 weeks, 4 days until lift off. 6 weeks, 4 days until I'll be a lady of leisure.

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