Friday, January 29, 2010

24 weeks

Happy 24 weeks!

+16 lbs/7.2 kg. Currently feeling slightly whale like. I feel like I have a certain resemblance to Moby Dick—fat and pale =(

Belly circumference: too small to look pregnant, too big to look fit. I’m currently just perfectly doughy in the middle.

Clothing choices: leggings, two pair of jeans and a handful of shirts. Sad for someone that loves clothes.

Miss the most in no particular order:

- Champagne on a random Thursday evening

- Spicy Tuna sushi (my favorite food)

- Getting a tan (no tanning allowed since I apparently can get pigment changes, particularly in my face. Ok, no good. I’ll pass)

- Wearing whatever I feel like, not just what fits

- Shopping for clothes that I actually want to wear

- Having a cocktail when life seems a little unfair

- Getting proper highlights

Wow…this list got to be a little longer than I thought.

Best part: In just four months we’ll have a beautiful little baby girl, which makes it all worth it…both being pale and fat =)

Just 16 more weeks to go.

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