Thursday, January 21, 2010

O Canada

Thinking about my friend Laurie when I'm writing this. We were supposed to head to her hometown for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics now in February, but since our little baby girl is making her entry this year, I have to save all the vacation time I have.

So in lieu of actually going, I have found the coolest 2010 Olympics accessory—Hudson Bay Co.'s red Torchbearer mittens. Apparently they have been difficult to come by in the last few months, but today the company released a new batch of 20,000 pairs. So cute and they are only $10.00 (Shipping is around $15.00 to the US).

To get your own, visit the Hudson Bay Co.


  1. Thanks for thinking of me! I have actually been wearing a pair of these crazy things since October when my girlfriends sent a care package complete with a pair of these and a matching scarf. Wearing the scarf that says "CANADA" on it in Manhattan does raise a few eyebrows through, "What?? Something red and colorful in Manhattan on a morning commute??" Unheard of! When I was in Toronto last month, these mittens were selling like crazy at The Bay, and they only had extra small left. I can't wait to wear mine with my Olympic jacket next month! Now I just have to find my Olympic pins to complete the ensemble!!!

  2. Both Rich and I got a pair each! They are so cute.

    And I am too a closet Canada lover... hihihi



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