Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trend Spotting: Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Stole Scarf

Tons of celebs have been spotted lately with this Louis Vuitton Blue Nuit Leopard Stole Scarf by Stephen Sprouse (I believe it's from the Summer 2009 collection). I'm actually surprised I like it so much—I usually think most things LV are a bit tacky and I have never really liked any of their stuff—but this scarf is amazing. It comes in beige too, but the Bleu Nuit version is the absolute best.

Although it seems almost impossible to get hold of, check out Ebay (or any of the other auction sites) you may be able to get your hands on one. Just make sure they don't try to pass off a knock-off as the real deal. They don't come cheap though—the authentic ones I have seen are about $1,100-$1,200 each.

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