Friday, January 29, 2010

One of those days

…not one single minute to spare. Update revenue projections, project assignment review, check new banner ads and wireframes, the list never ended today. I didn’t even get to eat lunch. Arrgh!

I thought by this time work would have started to slow down and my work beginning to be reassigned, but no such luck. It’s busier than ever and more stuff seems to be coming my way. I should be celebrating that we won the new business pitch I worked on, but at right now I’m just not a happy camper.

On the upside—managed to make it to Penn Station in just 9 minutes! Not bad, I’m still pretty fast despite the current circumstances. Of course though, I got a seat next to this old dude in cheesy “club wear” chewing gum so loudly that I had to put my headphones on—and he was even blowing bubbles. I guess I’m just in a crabby mood.

Take-out in bed tonight, watching Burn Notice, Psych and White Collar. That makes everything so much better!

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