Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm a girl!

So we just found out this morning that we are having a little baby girl. Or at least they are almost sure. Baby didn't want to cooperate this morning—this little girl is up all night, sleep all day. They couldn't confirm with 100% certainty, but pretty certain is good enough for me. We are absolutely ecstatic!

And everything is perfect—ten little toes and ten little fingers. Too bad we can't celebrate with a bottle of pink champagne. Just a few more months until we can celebrate.

We will continue the renovations to the baby's room this weekend. Hopefully it won't be too cold so we can get that new window in and start painting. Heading over to Home Depot today to start picking paint colors. I don't really like traditional pink and blue stuff, so I am thinking platinum grey walls, but we'll see.

1 comment:

  1. Åhh vad mysigt! Vad tydligt man kan se babyn på bilden. Jag är helt fascinerad.
    Så det blir en partypingla som redan verkar ha fattat galoppen med att vara vaken på natten o sova på dagen:)
    Hoppas att du mår bra.




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