Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What a Nose Dive!

I am always in a rush. Not for any real particular reason, I'm just a slightly hasty person. I don't know how many times my husband has told me to slow down, cause one of these days I'm going to get hurt. I usually 'yes' him, and continue to scamper off in light-speed. 

Well, that day was today. Train overpass at Cold Spring Harbor train station, rushing for a train that wasn't even there yet. Running down the stairs on my tippy-toes. Bam, bam, thump thump. Ouch! Thank god for that brave gentleman that threw himself to save me. It could have ended so much worse. The damage: two gashed knees, cuts, bruises, one messed up pedicure, one broken nail and one scraped thumb. Amazingly, I managed to save my purse, sunglasses and necklace without damage. I was all shook up but completely embarrassed. You know when everyone is looking and asking if you are ok. 

Moral of the story. Steep metal staircases+sanded paint+heels=bad injury. 

Lesson learned: don't run down the stairs in heels.


  1. Ajajaj!!
    Det där såg inget vidare ut. Dessutom känner man sig så generad när folk rusar fram o frågar om man är ok. Även om det gör ont som fasen så kvittrar man glatt: javisst, inga problem.
    Hur fånigt är inte det?

    Ha det gott

  2. Jag sprang och gomde mig i bilen! Jag hade da inte ens markt att jag hade blood rinnande ner for benen. Folk maste ha trott jag var tokig.



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