Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Campbell's Room is Finally Done!

Managed to get the rug down last night so I think this is finally it. Platinum grey walls with hot pink and orange accents—perfect for a little princess!


  1. Vilket fint rum! Och vilka söta klänningar.
    Är du helt säker på att det blir en tjej nu?
    Det ska bli spännande att följa det hela:)
    Ha det gott.

  2. WOW! The room looks so great! Where did you find the rug? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! You inspire me!

  3. Camilla: Tackar tackar. De ar bara 90% sakra, sa kanske vi far byta lite grejor efter vi kommer hem fran BB =)

    Laurie: You are so sweet. (I still need to get a shade for the window tho'). The rug is actually modular flooring tiles from YOu can build a custom sized rug in a gazillion different colors/patterns. We picked two different hot pinks and made it into a criss-cross pattern. (And if you spill on one, you can buy a replacement tile)



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