Monday, April 5, 2010

Barefoot in the Park

Long lunch outside in Madison Square Park today—the first one for the season. I practically live in that park during the summer (I even have a beach blanket in my office, so I can pop down to catch to sun and fresh air on a sunny day.)

Just another three weeks at the office. Gosh, I am so ready to get out of here. Doing actual work is not even bothering me, but the commute is killing me. Summer at the beach, here I come. Finding it difficult to gain any motivation to do anything—it literally feels like the last few days of school for the semester. You know, when you kind of just want to have fun and do no real work. I still have a few ads to release this afternoon, so I better find some energy stat!

Tonight—Leftovers and TV in bed (Intervention and that crazy hoarding show) and I'm all set.

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