Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Final Countdown

So I can finally make it official!  So excited to start my new job at an amazing digital agency next week. So just two more days in the office until I say good bye forever and move on to greener pastures. I have been skipping around on cloud nine for the past 10 days!

Have spent the last week and a half packing up my office and going through my hard drive—hence no very many updates to the blog. I had so much personal junk on my work computer, it has taken days to delete all my photos, e-mails and music. I have a new rule for my new job—no personal items at work! It makes it way to easy to continue to stick around when you should really move on to a new job.

Taking Monday and Tuesday off next week and then Wednesday will be my first day. And the agency are moving offices this weekend, so I'll be starting in the brand new renovated offices right on 19th St and 5th Ave. What an amazing location!

On the docket for tomorrow, lunch in Soho with my love—maybe we'll head back to Lucky Strike.  Well, time to say nite nite—have to get some rest for tomorrow. Sweet dreams everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Grattis till det nya jobbet! Vad spännande det blir. Och helt nytt och fräscht kontor är ju aldrig fel.




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