Monday, April 11, 2011


What a day! 76 F (that's 24 C for all you Europhiles) and blazing sun. I think I can officially call it spring now. (Above some photographic evidence from Manhattan today.) Hallelujah! Perfect day to start a new chapter in my life. Big and exciting changes are coming and in another two weeks it will all begin.

Have to do some more birthday party and Easter planning tonight. Between those two parties, organizing passport application and photos for Campbell, and a new career adventure for mommy—we are going to be crazy busy for the next few weeks! But all in a good way.

Really looking forward to two nice long weeks of vacation in June—just perfect to kick-start the summer. This weather gets me in the summer mood big time. Trying to be early birds this year and book a few weekends at the beaches already—what's better than a beach escape on a hot summer weekend! I can't wait to discover the beach and water with our little beach bunny.

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