Monday, April 18, 2011

The Sweet Tooth Fairy

Stopped by Sockerbit, the Swedish candy store in Manhattan, today and I ended up being a little disappointed. Apparently US regulations prohibits some of the natural dyes that are used in a lot of Swedish candy, so the stuff can't be sold stateside. Doesn't that sound so backward? Artificial dyes are allowed but not natural? Makes no sense to me! Well, it seems to really affect the assortment of candies available—especially salty swedish licorice. I hope they will make the Candy a little cheaper too—I got two small bags and a box of Läkerol and it cost me $18. A little pricey to make it a habit,  but oh so yummy!

But, I still got to stock up one a little for our Easter paper maché eggs—we got two of them a few years ago in a little neighborhood shop (now can get them from Williams and Sonoma and a bunch of other places too). They just makes me think of home so much.

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