Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello, Good Morning!

Good morning my sweet friends. I know it's been a little sporadic between the updates the last week—time has been flying by and I don't know where it went. Have been spending days trying to clean up my email inbox. My dirty little secret—I had 15,000 unfiled emails. I know, very bad! I'm usually super duper organized but when it comes to email, I guess I'm just a big mess.

So far a perfect beginning to the day. Happy baby, no school busses on the road, arriving early to the station, coffee in hand—and a two seater together. Plus, the train conductor greeted us with "Good morning passengers. Welcome abroad the 7:36 to New York with Penn station as our final destination." What a greeting for the morning express commuter train! It made me feel like I was on a 747 on my way to Europe. What a lovely way of start the day! It amazing, all the little things that affect your mood.

Looking forward to another lunch with a friend today—I've been lunchin' almost everyday for the past 3 weeks. Yikes! High time to save a little money.

So long. Will be back later.

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