Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joie de Vivre

Forgotten monthly train ticket. Missed express train. Achey feet. Growling tummy.
Life has been slightly chaotic lately (and I've been more forgetful than usual). Hopefully soon, some of the puzzle pieces will fall into place.
Looking to make a few pretty big changes (more to come on this once it becomes official), but right now everything is just a little crazy. It's so hard to have time for everything and do it well.
Juggling being a mom and wife, with a fulfilling and challenging career is not easy. Going to work when you have a beautiful baby at home can be a little guilt ridden, but it's good to have some time away from the house. I think I would go stir-crazy if I was home all day long—an idle mind is the devil's playground (or so they say!)
On the bright side, I think we've found a hotel in Copenhagen that we both love. I'm super picky and its peak season for overnighting in Copenhagen, so tons of places are of course fully booked already. Typical me, last minute as usual! Well, where ever we end up staying, I think a romantic dinner on the dock in Nyhavn and a late night walk at Tivoli will be in order.
That's all for tonight folks!

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