Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's in My Bag

Lately I noticed that all magazines have these celebrity “What’s in your bag” articles. I always find it just as fascinating. I don't know what it is about the contents of a bag, but it just seems to say so much about a person. But, it's funny how neat and organized everyone always seem to be. My bag is always a mess—15 different receipts, gum wrappers (I don't like to litter), napkins and other things in one big pile!

So in the spirit of sharing, here’s what’s in my bag (with just a little bit of straightening up):

1. My iPhone and case (It’s like my Amex Card—I NEVER ever leave home without it!)

2. Hermes make-up case

3. Hermes Wallet

4. Prada sunglasses

5. Back up Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses

6. Gift Card to babies r’ us

7. Wisp disposable toothbrushes

8. Floss

9. Invisalign case

10. Four pens (various colors)

11. Pocket knife with corkscrew (you never know when you need to pop open a bottle of wine)

12. Office keys

13. Gloves

14. Pepper spray (don’t mess with me)

15. Transit checks

16. Camera mini tripod

17. Two packets of Equal

18. A bottle of OPI nail polish in Tickle My France-y

19. A stack of personalized Thank You notes. (A classy girl always says thank you)

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