Monday, April 13, 2009

Good friends and Good food

Back in the office and I'm relaxing of a few minutes listening to Lucky by Jason Mraz–my new favorite song. 

Quick weekend update: Had such a great Easter this year. Since my sister-in-law, Debbie, is usually forced to host almost every singe holiday, we decided to step up to the plate this year. The house is in pretty good shape and we finally felt that it was ok to have people stop over.

I had  no idea how much work it is to host brunch! I spent all of Saturday cooking...quiches, marinated shrimp, the famous asparagus soup, cup cakes, the list goes on. It was all worth it though. We had such a great time eating, drinking (the Champagne 95s kicked ass!), laughing, easter egg hunting and a few good games of speedbird. 

Few pics posted above, top to bottom: 1. food preparation; 2. cupcakes; 3. easter egg hunt in the back yard (wow, everyone looks a little sullen in this pic, but I promise we had fun); 4. the in-laws; and l5. ittle John and big John sharing a cup cake. 

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