Monday, April 6, 2009

The Hills is returning tonight

I'll admit, I haven't followed The Hills for several seasons now, but when the show is in the news it still peeks my interest a little. Last week MTV released new season cast photos, and I of course immediately had to check them out. 

Let first say that Lauren is super cute. Heidi must have made a few too many visits to the plastic surgeon lately because she looks like a different person nowadays–and she used to be so pretty! Anyway, back to the photos. Come on!! These are so retouched that everyone looks like they are a wax doll. Actually, in my opinion, a little too creepy perfect.

The truth is that The Hills used to be my guilty pleasure, but the last few seasons the story line was getting so boring that I found myself channel surfing–and not just during the commercial breaks. How many times can the girls really fight and make up? How many times can Spencer be a complete a**? All the same things rehashed over and over. It simply couldn't hold my attention at all.

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