Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I must confess

I know it kind of sad, but I still love shops that are technically considered teen stores (although I think Forever 21 is considered "young adult"). They have the cutest stuff and it's cheap. Quality is of course not the best, but who cares when the trend is over 3 months later, and you won't wear it again. Not everything is great in those stores though, you kind of have to dig deep to find the real jewels. Besides, if you mix some more expensive pieces with the cheap stuff, no one will ever know!

I have for a while now checked out this white dress at Victoria's Secret's online store, but it hasn't gone on sale yet. Yesterday I spotted this similar dress at at half the price. Ha, it really pays off being patient! Since I am already looking for cute summer dresses, I went for it. Not sure if it's going to look as good in real life as it does online, but it was worth a shot. 

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