Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday and The City

Had such a wonderful weekend. Being off on Fridays really help in making the weekends feel really long and productive. The new set up with a condensed work week has so far worked to my advantage (granted a little less money in my pockets, but it's well worth it)–and I can't wait for the summer to kick in so I can spend Fridays at the beach. 

Friday was "yard-work day". Ugh...I do like some gardening, but the early spring clean up stinks. Having a house is hard work, always something that needs to be fixed.

Anyway, doing house work on Friday meant that Saturday was fun-day. Had such a great time. Burgers at the Shake Shack, shopping at Uniqlo and afternoon champagne at Balthazar's. Nothing beats it. Of course, soho was madness with all tourists standing around. It drives me insane that they just stand there in the middle of the side walk blocking the way. Ugh! I'm trying to not be a grumpy New Yorker. 

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