Monday, December 19, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Just back at work after a super relaxing weekend--I actually didn't leave the house once! Movies, chocolate, glogg and five loads of laundry to keep me company. After a few hectic weekends, this is just what the doctor ordered. I have had a cold dragging on for almost a month and a half now and I do not want to be sick over the holidays.

Four more days of work until my nice long stay-cation until the new year. I have already made plans for almost every single day, a little bit of house work and tons of fun activities.

In normal fashion, I'm being a complete Last-minute Lucy with my Christmas shopping and I have been running around like a maniac today. Got some really nice stuff for Rich at Fjallraven (I have to support the Swedish economy), Filson and J Crew. I also have few things on order from Denmark, but who knows if they will really get here on time! Of course, I couldn't help popping into Coach when I was in the neighborhood. I haven't been in there for years--a little too much suburban soccer mom for me--but I found this really nice bag. Tempted....but for $798? A little steep to be Coach, I think....

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