Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friends and Family at Nine West

Out of all the shoes I wear—cheap and expensive ones—it's always my affordable Nine West pairs I get the most compliments on! Weird right!? But I actually love Nine West, always super comfy even for long Manhattan walks, really cute styles and priced just right.

Right now they have the Friends and Family promotion and you get an extra 25% off. I just surveyed my closet and I realized that most of my shoes are open toe or sandals—not very appropropriate for the oncoming winter.

I scored two pairs for less than a hundred bucks! Who doesn't love a good deal (makes it extra satisfying to wear.) Plus, with the economy being so shaky right now, I have made a rule to never pay full price! And it works, I almost always get what I want at a lower price. Someone once told me, 'Rich people never pay retail and that's way they keep their money'. Sounds like a good strategy to me (I'm not rich, but I do like to keep my money!)

Ambitious in Hot Pink Suede, $69.00 on sale for $55.30

Checkit booties in Back Suede, $139.00 on sale $69.50

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