Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Plan has been Set in Motion

I know I have been mysteriously missing from the blog on and off for the past few weeks, but I promise it's for a good reason. My master plan has finally been set in motion and the wheels are turning. Hopefully, I'll see the fruits of my labor soon! I don't mean to sound too secretive, but some information can just not be made public at this time =)

Soon my friends—I promise!

It's been (and still is) such a busy time at work and with the holidays coming up, I feel really strapped for time. And I still haven't even bought one single gift yet. Ugh, typical. Why does this happen every year?!

Well, next up on our list in holiday decorating this weekend. I can't wait. Christmas is my favorite time of year and decorating the tree is absolutely magical. To make everything even better, I have one saved bottle of Swedish Glögg that I have stashed in the pantry. I think we just have to crack it open this weekend.

I leave you with a picture of a gorgeous emerald green satin dress from J Crew. Wouldn't this look beautiful on Christmas Eve?

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