Monday, June 11, 2012

Summertime is Nearly Here

Finally some nice weather! Beach premier on Sunday—thank god—I feel so pale, that it felt great to be able to lap up some rays. Even if it was just in Long Island Sound. Tried out the local beaches at Lloyds Neck Bath Club for some kid friendly waves, and it was surprisingly satisfying. I'm usually a beach snob, but the sand was clean and soft—and the water was totally fine. Not like the Atlantic ocean, but again, this is 5 minutes from the house =)

Sis-in-law Debs birthday BBQ on Saturday. Killer margaritas (literally—one of those is enough to knock you over!) and BBQ pork tacos. Yum! I was planning on taking a dip in the pool, but yikes, the water was way too cold for an overcast day. No thank you. 

Had one of those super accomplished weekends. Parties, beach, gardening and some continued home improvements. Little one's bedroom got a fresh coat of paint—robin's egg blue, just like a perfect Tiffany's box—and a new coat and rug in the kitchen too. I finally found my camera cord again, so maybe some photos are in order. Still waiting for the custom printed Ikat fabric for the curtains, but things are rolling on. 

Luckily, just in time for the heat to arrive, the Central air is being installed tomorrow, so I'll be working out of my Hammock from can be quite sweet sometimes! Our last two windows are on order, new mattress being delivered and my new nailhead headboard has arrived. I think my home mini-make over is getting close to finished! If I could now get my butt fully in gear with the basement clean up, so the dry wallers could come in, it would be just perfect. 

Note to self: Schedule donation pick up immediately!

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