Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Spirit of St. Louis

Sunday night and I’m sitting in my hotel room at the Four Seasons in St. Louis, Missouri, and finally feeling a strange sense of calm. Three weeks of work and preparation is finally coming to an end tomorrow afternoon, when we are going in for one of the biggest pitches of my career. I’m crossing my fingers we will win, but we are definitely the underdogs, so we’ll see how it turns out. I know the blog has been in dire need of some TLC for awhile, and I definitely owe you all some updates..

Since leaving Montauk for our mini-vacay back in August, everything has been a complete whirlwind. Days have been jam-packed, and at night I have been so wiped out I have barely been able to think straight. Crazy hours and stress at work have been spilling over into family life—something I absolutely hate—but Rich has risen to the occasion and been amazingly supportive.  I’m truly blessed to have this man as my husband!

Also been hard at work at the house trying to wrap up some construction work. Balancing that with trying to occupy our nutty little two-year-old AND acclimatize our semi-newly adopted little doggie has been taking up all of our spare time. [So yes, we are completely exhausted.] But with a little bit of luck, we can have all framing and electric wrapped up in another couple of weeks, and the dry wallers can finally come.  But in the end it’s going to be all up to Cami and whether she decides to cooperate with some afternoon napping —it’s amazing how much stuff can be accomplished in two hours if you really put your mind to it.) This house has ended up being more of a handyman special than we ever thought—luckily we are both pretty handy, otherwise it could have been a complete money pit! 

To make matters worse, the downstairs has been functioning as a storage space for the last six years so not only are we are busy with the construction part, we also have to go through all the junk we have accumulated. It’s amazing how much random stuff you can accumulate over the years! My new motto is “All we need is less”! I really want to downsize the amount of stuff we have, even if it means making some hard decisions.

Good night and god’s speed.

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