Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dire Straights

I apologize for not updating each and every one of you individually, but it's difficult to get any messages through out here on Long Island. It's day four of no power, so we still have no lights, heat or hot water, and of course no cable, wifi, internet or phone. Trying to get by, but it's getting more and more difficult. Currently sitting in a parking lot at Burger King where I managed to get a connection, so  my update here will be for everyone. 

Managed to order a generator online today (at least UPS is still delivering.) There is a waiting list of hundreds of people at the local Home Deport store, so I double we will be able to get one from there any sooner. Currently all of Long Island is out of gasoline, which means no fuel for the car or generators. I heard that some of the gas companies had parked their delivery trucks in areas where they got damaged by the incoming salt water storm surge—which means no way of delving more gas. Hoping that deliveries will be up an running soon...

We have managed to get an extension cord to our neighbor's generator, so at least we have power for the fridge. Little things that makes life so much easier! Our biggest problem is now boredom. We are all going a little stir crazy in the house with absolutely nothing to do. How do you keep a two and a half year old entertained for days on end cooked up in the house?

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