Friday, December 28, 2012


Back again after taking a few days off to celebrate Christmas with the family. Like always, Christmas was really nice but also really hectic. We ended up hosting Christmas Eve, which made us realize that our place is not nearly large enough to host everyone comfortably. Hopefully by Easter the basement will be 100% ready and we can spread out a little more.

Dropped of my parents at the airport last night after a two week visit. It was so nice to have them here, especially now when we have a proper guest suite. Extra space is just such a luxury! I have a couple more days off work and I'm planning to spend some quality time with Cami. Last night was mani/pedi night—she loves when I do her nails, even if she mess them up two seconds after they are finished.

Running a couple of errands today, but otherwise, today is photo day. I think I have at least 1,500 photos on the memory card, so it's about time for a download. With a little bit of luck I might even get around to post a few!

Christmas kisses to all.

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