Monday, March 4, 2013

Arts & Crafts

Pardon the couple of days of radio silence. We have been so busy playing musical chairs with our furniture, that I haven’t had a minute to update you on what we are doing. As you know we finished our whole basement remodel at the end of last year, and we have been spending the last few weeks repainting the whole house, moving furniture around and chucking more stuff.

My dream of a personal home office/craft area has finally come true, so I have been busy planning and sketching to make it just perfect. Of course, it’s a pretty small area, but still, I take what I can get. My sewing machine, laptop and printer, and all sorts of little notions is finally finding a home.

I found this lovely custom printed wallpaper fromSpoonflower that I’m making an accent wall from. And I absolutely adore natural sheepskin, so I’m covering Rich’s parents old 1960s bar stools in it. It’s going to be so cozy. Still on the hunt for something soft under foot. Since it’s basement level, we had to use laminate, and although I picked out this amazing weathered, pickled dark flooring, I need a nice comfy rug. Any suggestions?

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