Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hump Day

Took advantage of a girls night in, by heading to bed early after a couple of cutthroat rounds of air hockey. Nothing better than cuddling up in bed watching TV and slowly drift off to bed. I've been so sleepy this whole week, and I have had to rush in to work after snoozing one to many times. I hate that mad dash in the morning, and most of all, I hate that I have to rush Cami. Hopefully summer will be here soon—like most people, I do so much better when it's bright, sunny and warm out!

Only another six weeks until mommy and Stickan will be here for a couple of weeks to visit and take care of Cami. My babysitter is having baby #three, so thankfully, mom came to the rescue and will be our nanny for four weeks. Thank god for wonderful parents!

Still trying to find the best airfare to Sweden for the summer.  I can't believe I haven't been home for two years—it's definitely time for a visit. I think July 12-27 will be the magic dates, but we still need to actually book. I can't believe that you have to pay almost a full adult fare for a 3 year old. No wonder a European trip gets expensive when you have kids. But we have about one hundred gazillion AMEX points, so I hope we can use at least some of those toward the trip.

Nighty nite, sweet friends.

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